Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{Super} Explosion Box Tutorial

Hi stampers!  I'm Kristine and I have a fun project tutorial to share with you today using the new Super Star Boy (Luka), Super Hero Window Set, and the Tuffy set... it's called an EXPLOSION BOX!   This is a "spin off" of the tutorial posted on SCS.  I changed a few things like the size, cut my corner "wings" off, and added a rooftop!  I hope you will find this tutorial easy as I took lots of pictures along the way, and as always, you can left click on the pictures to enlarge for detail.    

[1] sheet of 12x12 cardtock
[2] sheets of grey cardstock (6.5" square and a 7" square)
[4] sheets of 3 7/8" square designer paper (for inside)
[1] sheet of 3 7/8" square coordinating piece of cardstock
[1] sheet of acetate (or other cardstock for spiral and stand-up tabs)
additional cardstock or images to stand up inside box
Paper trimmer with scoring blade
Scallop border punch *Optional
Double-sided tape
Tacky Glue
pencil or pen

Okay, so I'm going to break this down into 4 basic parts:  box, lid, roof, and decorating inside and out. 

1)  Start out with a 12" Square sheet of Cardstock. 
2)  Score at 4" and 8" and then turn your cardstock 90 degrees and scrore it at 4" and 8" on that side.
3)  Cut the corner squares out, using the scored lines for your guide.  It will then look like this:

4)   Set aside... we'll decorate this later.

1)  Cut a coordinating piece of cardstock (or heavy designer paper) that's 6 1/2" square.
2)  Score it at 5 1/4" on all sides.

3)  Cut the vertical score lines on 2 opposing sides until they intersect with the horizontal ones.
These will be your inside tabs when we glue the lid together.

4)  *This step is optional.  I used my scallop border punch along all 4 sides to give a cuter overhang.  Then you'll want to cut one side of just the tabs down a bit because the scallops won't line up when you fold the tabs in. 

5)  Use strong double-sided tape and adhere to the outside of all tabs and fold in, aligning the corners with the edges of the side strips and pinch together to secure.  

6)  Fold up the sides of box and place lid on.  Set aside.

1)  Cut a piece of cardstock (or DP) that's the same as your lid at 7" square.
2)  Score 1/2" on all sides.
3)  Using a pencil and ruler, draw lines 3" in and 4" in from the ends.  Turn 90 degrees and do the same.  *see picture below.
4)  Now score JUST the inner square that's formed by the drawn lines. 

5)  Now measure and cut out 1 1/2" squares in all 4 corners. 

6)  Now you need to make 3 score lines (on each of the 4 quadrants).  The first is from the corner of the middle 1-inch square to the corner of the square you just cut out.  The next 2 scores are from the corner of the middle 1-inch square to the points where you scored 1/2" on the sides as in this picture.  DO NOT score all the way through the middle square, just up to the outer corner.

7)  Now you can fold those scored marks.  The 2 outer scores are mountain folds and the middle is a valley fold.  Glue the facing scored sides together as shown.  I use Alene's Tacky Glue because it holds well and dries quickly.

8)  Glue the 1/2" scored edges and fold under. 

 9)  Place roof onto top of lid, aligning the corners as much as possible. 

Decorating your Box
1)  Remove the lid.  If you want to stamp on the outside (or inside) of your box, you want to do that now.  I stamped the Super Hero Window colored with Copics, and taped to outside of box.  I also printed the phrase "It's a bird... it's a plane... it's..." and added to the roof.

2)  Now it's time to decorate the inside of your box.  First I cut 4 sheets of designer paper, 3 7/8" square for the sides, and one sheet of grey for the bottom (same size). 

3)  Now you'll want to gather your elements for the inside!  Here, I stamped and cut out the Super Star Boy and Tuffy, his dog as well as Tuffy's ball and bone, and some stars from the Super Hero Window set (all from  I also cut out some spirals and stand up tabs out of acetate window sheets to adhere the stars and the stand up pieces to.

4)  I attached one end of a circle spiral (acetate) with a glue dot to the middle of the left side panel.  Then glued the other other end of spiral to the back panel.  Then I did the same with the other spiral to the front panel and the right panel. 

5)  To cover up the ends of spirals that we just glued down, I used glue dots again to attach a circle star on top, and then glued stars randomly along each spiral like this:

6)  I made some tabs out of acetate and glued my Star Boy Luka and dog and the ball to the tabs and glued those down on the grey piece.  You could also attach a sentiment if you wish.  Here's a better view of the spirals and then the inside as a whole. 

That's it!   Sure to put smiles on any boy... I mean SUPER BOY you know!!  Hope you'll give it a try.  Happy creating!  *Ü*


  1. Totally awsome. I'm so going to try one of these very soon. Love it Kris!!

  2. This is so amazing! I'm always "wowed" by the talent displayed here! This explosion box is so awesome!

  3. This is Soooo darn cute!!!! I have wanted to make one of these boxes but havn't done so. Maybe now I will! Great job again!!!
    ~Heidi Brawley

  4. Super Amazing! this is the cutest explosion box ever!!!

  5. Your explosion box just ROCKS!! I love the outside and the clever! Then, it explodes with additional FUN elements! LOVE it Kris!!!

  6. Kristine Kristine Kristine, I am mesmerized by this!!! You are the BEST at these 3D cards!!! And I LOVE your coloring of those sweet images!!!


  7. Wow, Kristine, you have seriously outdone yourself with this fabulous project! I love how interactive this is! And what a cool surprise is waiting inside ;D