Friday, August 31, 2018

Inspiration Friday - 3D Projects

Hi everyone! It's MEG here with you today, and today Inspiration Friday is all about 3D projects! Let's see what beautiful projects the team has to share with you!

Altered Pringles can by: TINA
*Please see Tina's blog for more details

Skin: E04, E11, E00, E000, E0000
Hair: E31, E51, E50
Clothes:dark: RV99, RV69, R39, R37 light: RV91, RV34
Boots:E25, E33, E31

Gift Bag by: CELINE
*Please see Céline's blog for more details

Skin : E13, 11, 21, 00, 000, R21, 20
Clothes : B97, 95, 93, E47, 44, 43, 100, C8, 6, 2, 1, 00
Tree : G19, YG09, G14, E35

Box with Drawer by: NICOLETTE MARIE
*Please see Nicolette Marie's blog for more details

Skin: E50 E51 E21
Cheeks: E93 + 0 Blender
Eyes: B91
Pacifier: B91 B95 B97
Reds: R24 R27 R29
Grays: C00 C1 C2 C3

Pop-Up card by: MAYRA

Hippo: C5, C3, C1, C00, W7, W5, R12
Red: R59, R46, R29, R17, R05, R02
Wood: E47, E37, E55,E35, E41
Green: G99, G94, YG63, YG17, YG25, YG03, YG00

tissue box by LISABETH
*Please see Lisabeth's blog for more details

B00, BG15, BG49, BG53, BG57, BG78 W1, W3

Thank you for joining us for Inspiration Friday! We can't wait to see YOUR 3D creations!
Hugs, Meg

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Tutorial Thursday: Let's Color Up Frenchie!

Hi everyone! It's Meg here today with you. I get asked a lot about coloring, so I thought I'd do something different for this Tutorial Thursday and take you through the process of coloring up a La-La Land Crafts image! 

For this tutorial, I've used Dandy Frenchie, and my goal is to give you some tips on how to make your Frenchie look like a real dog! I've used Copic markers to color my pup up, but this technique works for any medium.

First, you need to identify areas of highlight in your image. (I'm assuming a not-strong light source that doesn't cast a big shadow on any one part of my dog).

Second, identify the areas of shadow and mark them in. You will have a shadow wherever one part of the dog's body is behind another part, or wherever clothing meets the body. 

Third - this is the most important step for me - mark "texture", or added areas of shadow. These areas of shadow aren't defined by the stamp, usually. Remember that doggies have plump bodies. This means that you need shadow on both sides of torso, legs, head, etc. If you don't have this shadow, the animal will look 2-dimensional and not real.

Now, you're ready to start coloring in. Some things I remember when I color are: shade liberally from cast shadows to highlight. And also, shade lightly from the "texture areas" to highlight - you don't want to add a lot of darkness to those areas, just enough to give interest to Frenchie.

So - Fourth - using your second-darkest color, color over your shadows and extend the color into the white areas of the image. Notice how I added a bit of extra texture to the leftmost leg with this color. You can feel free to continue adding texture as you get lighter - those gradations in shades really help the image look real-life!

Fifth - using your middle color (I am assuming 5 colors for Frenchie), continue this pattern. Notice how I added texture to his chin and forehead with this color.

Sixth - this step is important for closing up the edges of Frenchie's legs and cheeks. I use the 2nd lightest color to go around the edges of the texture I created. I don't use the lightest color for this part because I want the highlight areas to really "pop". Adding in too much light too soon can just cause the image to look washed out.

Seventh - now all that's left is to add those highlights with your lightest marker!

Now, I just couldn't leave Frenchie without his clothing colored, so decided to give him some nice Autumn flair. I follow the same technique in doing his clothing.

First, I identify the highlight areas and shadows in the jacket and hat band (orange - I've used 3 colors).

Second, I use my second-darkest color to extend the shadows into the white space, working towards the highlights.

Finally, add in the lightest color for your highlight areas. In the following picture, I've moved on to show you the first steps of adding the green for Frenchie's hat and bowtie.

Following the procedure in this tutorial, finish filling in the greens (3 colors). Your finished Dandy Frenchie will look like this:

I always do one extra step and that is to add highlight with a white gel pen - I always add this extra "punch" to the darkest parts of the image to give contrast. And remember - if you're adding stripes - straight lines on a rounded object aren't straight. Your lines need to curve with Frenchie's tummy to keep it looking real.

Thanks for stopping by to visit us today! 
Hugs, Meg

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

August 2018 Club La-La Land Crafts Kit Showcase

Club La-La Land Crafts is a monthly subscription for the EXCLUSIVE KITS from La-La Land Crafts!

Each month you will receive a package with the Kit based on your subscription!
It will be automatically shipped to you by the end of each month.

At this time we offer 3 Subscription Plans:
*plus shipping

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What's in the August 2018 KIT:

- Happy Camper Marci
- Happy Trails
- Camper
- Camp Fire
- Roasting Marshmallows
(valued at $64.97)
- Happy Camper Marci
- Happy Trails
(valued at $24)
- Camp Fire
- Roasting Marshmallows
(valued at $40.99)

••• and now - Inspiration from our Design Team •••
Today they have the most AMAZING inspirational projects made with the August 2018 CLUB Kit!

See Meg's Blog for more details

Additional Products Used
Wood Planks background Stamp
Build-a-Frame Stitched Small 

Copics Markers
Bear - E57, 44, 33, 31, 44, 43, 41
Raccoon - W10, 07, 05, 03, E44, 43, 41

See Meg's Blog for more details
Additional products Used
Scalloped Rectangles dies

Copics Markers
mooose - E18, 37, 35, 33, 31, 44, 43, 41
camper - YR18, 07, 04, 100, C7, 5, 4, 2, B01
grass - G28, 09, 03, Y17
See Melanie's Blog for more details

Extra products used: 
Postage Stamps Die

Copics Markers
Skin: E000, E00, E11, E21, R20, R22
Hair: E41, E42, E43, E44
Clothes: R35, R37, R39, Y13, Y15, Y17, YG21. YG23, YG25, YG17

See Melanie's Blog for more details

Other Products Used
Stitched Nested Circles

Ready to join the CLUB!
Click HERE for more information. 

NEW! Your CLUB Kits now include a link to download the step-by-step TUTORIALS 
from our Design Team!

Make sure to join our CLUB LLLC FAN GROUP on Facebook for more ideas, inspiration and a general chit chat about our CLUB!


Monday, August 27, 2018

Inspiration Monday - 3D projects

Good morning crafty friends, Elizabeth here to share this weeks projects from Team Monday.
Here they are: 

Project by : Stephanie Beauchemin
* See Stephanie's blog for more information.

Copic markers:
Skin (E000-00-21-11-13-04, RV42)
Hair (E18-15-13)
Teal (BG49-45-34-32)
Pink (RV42, R20)
Green (YG25-23-21)
Black (C9-7-5-3-1)
Yellow (YR23, Y15)

Project by : Kassi Hulet
* See Kassi's blog for more information.

Coloring: Copics
Green- YG05, YG09, G28
Red- R22, R27, R59
White- W4, W2, W0
Hippo- T1, T3, T5, T7, E81, R11

Project by : Irene Mendes
* See  Irene's blog for more information.
Hippo Holidays Clear Stamp Set
Stitched Nested Circles Die
Postage Stamps Die
Stitched Sun and Clouds Die
Prismacolor Pencils

Project by : Elizabeth Elton
* See Elizabeth's blog for more information.

Project by : Alexandra Morein
* See Alexandra's blog for more information.

Project by : Jenny Dix

* See Jenny's blog for more information.

Jolly Elves
Star Wreath
Filigree Candy Cane
Hello Tag
Double Stitched Circles
Pierced Scalloped Circles

Copics used:
Skin - E0000, E000, E00, E01, E04, E11, R20
Fur - C00, C0, C01, C03
Limes - YG17, YG21, YG23
Reds - R24, R27, R29, R37
Braces, Boots - C05, C07, C09

Hope we gave you some fun inspiration! Please check back for more inspiration from our designteams throughout the week! 

Crafty hugs, 

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