Saturday, April 23, 2011

Move over Chef Marci . . . Someone new is taking over the bakery!

Well, well, 1LuvnMama is back with a La-La Land Crafts post.

My son, along with the rest of the Kindergartners at his school, performed in a play/musical . . . Jack & the Beanstalk. He was a cook. My card that I'm sharing today was inspired by my son's performance. I used Chef Marci & Amour Luka. How did I use both images? I altered the two images - - I wanted the chef's outfit without Marci's face/hair. Amour Luka was the perfect fit with his long pants. This is how it came out!

Here's a closer look at Chef Luka. I hope Irina, owner of La-La Land Crafts, would be proud of me that I created a "boy" chef. :)

Well, my boy made me proud! He had me beaming from ear to ear after watching him perform. I hope this inspires you to create . . . have a great weekend!


  1. Oh..I love how you made the stampe into a boy chef!! So adorable!!

  2. Mama, this is adorable. Love the alteration! Yippee! Gr8 card! :)