Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bunny Marci Easter Basket

Don’tcha just LOVE digis??  Of course I love my rubber stamps as well, in fact, when I first learned how to “mask” using stamps I thought it was soo cool!  Still is, but now that I’m getting more experienced with digis, I am finding how FUN it is to mix and match digis.  Easy to do using a program like Paint.Net or Photoshop because you can erase what you don’t want and layer the things you DO!  So I started with the bunny head from the Critter Tops set (Doodle Pantry) and cropped the ears off him and then layered them onto this Sitting Marci (La-La Land Crafts), see below:

This cute basket is so easy to make too!  I’ve created a li’l tutorial for you, but I give credit to the original idea from the very talented Dawn Burnsworth  =)  I started with a 9x9” square of designer paper, although you can make it with a 6x6” as well.  You can use cardstock or cardstock-weight designer paper (best).  You split the square into 3rds, so for a 9x9” you would score every 3” on both sides, edge to edge.  For a 6x6” you would score every 2”.  Then you cut just 2 opposite sides from the edge (on the score line) up to the middle score line.  Here are some pictures:


Next, take the middle flaps that are sticking up in my first photo, and measure halfway across and mark a dot with a pencil.  Then you cut from that point to the fold at a diagonal, as in my 2nd photo.  Do that on opposite tab as well.  Next, divide the adjoining flaps into 3rds and cut up to the fold line.


Next, you bring in the flaps, overlapping one over the other, and you will have a bit sticking out on the other side of your triangle, so hold the flaps in place and cut off the parts sticking out.  Then go back and tape those flaps in place.  The 2nd set of flaps you don’t have to do that with because they are behind your front flaps and won’t show.


Repeat on other side.  Add handles and decorate!!  Oh, and can’t forget to fill it with all kinds of treats for the kiddos, or whomever your recipient will be =)  ENJOY!

The three newest digis are now available in rubber stamps!!  You can now purchase the adorable Dress Up Marci, Fireman Luka, and Jesalyn on the blog and when you add them to your cart, you can also add items from the webshop and only pay one shipping!  =) 

Happy Creating!
Kris – Ink Something!


  1. So adorable Kristine! I thought there was a new image. What a wonderful addition to an already cute image. :)

  2. This is so cute! lovely image and the box is beautiful too. I'm going to try this. Thanks for showing your proyects. Hugs, Zulma

  3. I can't add fireman Luka since it's sold out! The same with ballerina Marcy and Luka with truck! When will they be available? Please, please, make them available!! :)

  4. OMG - You are AMAZING!!!! This is soooo stinkin' cute!!

  5. What a super idea - the project is fab.

    Toni :o)

  6. AWE!!! You did an Awesome job on this Kristine!!! Love how you put those cute bunny ears on her!!!
    And your basket is adorable!!!
    Hugs, Heidi Brawley