Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tutorial Thursday - A Christmas Card

Hello everyone!

Today it's Thursday and in La-La Land it means time for another tutorial. 
I decided to go on with the theme of "Christmas in July" since many of us are already starting to create gifts, projects and cards for the winter holidays in the beginning if August :)

I want to show you today how you can create a simple Christmas card, using several dies from La-La Land Crafts and a couple pieces of paper.

For creating the card I used the following dies:

This is how the card will look like from the outside:

And on the inside:

Start by die cutting 4 pieces of the Fancy Christmas Tree:

Fold each one in half (take your time here and even use the score board, to make a straight score in the middle), then glue the halves of each pare to get these:

Take a 4.5" X 8" piece of card stock for creating the base of the card. On the 8" side score at 2" and 6" marks:

Now let's cut out some elements for the inside of the card:

Arrange the elements to create a composition on a piece of matted card stock (in my case the white mat measures 3 7/8" X 4 3/8", and the patterned paper measures 1/8" smaller, i.e. 3 3/4" X 4 1/4"):
Once happy with the result, glue down all the elements. I added a red checkered ribbon and some lace at the bottom too:

Let's embellish the front flaps of the card. In my case the white mats measure here 1 7/8" X 4 3/8", and the designer papers measure 1 3/4" X 4 1/4". Glue the matted pieces down to the flaps:

Now, glue the fancy Christmas tree halves to both of the flaps, in order to get one whole tree once the card is closed:

In order to keep the card closed, I decided to use a thin silver cord. So I marked and pierced two holes on the flaps in the following fashion:

Once the holes are made, you can string the cord (or the ribbon) through. Secure the ends of the cord with pieces of tape from the back side:

Since the corn is very thin, I tied little knots to make sure that the cord will stay in place:

Now we are ready to glue down the inside mats (the measurements for the inside flaps are the same as for the front ones) :

I attached two tiny bells to the cord, to make the card look more festive, as well as glues several rhinestones to the tree:

Our card is ready! Quick and easy.

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend!


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