Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tutorial Thursday - Gift bag for baby girl


Today it's my turn to share a little tutorial with you all. I made a small Baby girl gift bag. I saw this bag on fb some time back and really wanted to make it myself and decorate it with my gorgeous la-la land dies. So, here we go ...

For this bag you'll need:
- white cardstock
- design paper
- ribbon

la-la land dies:

Step 1:
Cut 20x30cm of white cardstock and make folds with your scoring board according to the sketch below.

Step 2:
Make folds

Step 3:
Take your white cardstock and cut out two 9,7x9,7 cm squares. Then you take your design paper and cut out two 9,4x9,4 cm squares. Use any kind of glue and glue design paper on to white cardstock.

Step 4:
Make die cuts with your la-la land dies. As you see some die cuts are cut out twice or three times. I like to glue them on top of each other to make them stand out and add more dimension to my projects.

Step 5:
I put all my die cuts on my bag before I glue them on to see if I need to change or add anything.

Step 6:
Glue together parts of the bag (as shown on the picture) and make holes for ribbon.

Step 7:
Take all the die cuts and glue them on the bag. Then put the top and the bottom of the bag together and bind them with ribbon and make a bow.

Here's the final project:

That's it from me today. Have fun!

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