Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tutorial Thursday - Bookcard

Hi Everyone it is Jennifer here with Tutorial Thursday and I am doing one
of my favorite Cards a Bookcard. It is inspired by a friend of
mine Teresa Brown and I have moderfied it so it fits my needs and all
my favorite Marci's, Luka's and Molli's. 



I have cut my white cardstock to 15cmx29cm and folded it in half

I have then layered it with mauve 14.5cmx14cm

For the front layer I have used 2x Open Hearts Doily Border
1x Stitched Elements Oval

I have then layered the Oval on top of the 2  Open Hearts Doily Border

Now I made these sweet little butterflies using centre hearts from

I then glued the centre just overlapping them.

I then popped 2 pearls in the centre and bent there wings up like they are flying.

I then decorated the Card. See those sweet little butterflies flying around.

Ok now on to the Centre. I have cut my cardstock to 15cmx29cm and marked in
 the measurements below solid lines are cut lines and dashed lines scored

The mauve layered pieces measurements are
2 of 7.5cmx9cm
2 of 4cmx14cm
4 of 2x6
4 of 2cmx3.5cm
2 of 9.5cmx1.5cm

2 of white 7cmx9cm

Designer paper layers
2 of 3.5x14cm
4 of 1.5cmx5.5cm
4 of 1.5cmx3cm
2 of 1cmx9cm

Fold all your mountains and valleys as in the picture.
Then decorate to please,

Now where the red washi tape is that is where you pop doublesided tape and 
stick it to the inside of your outside card.

Hope you have enjoyed this Tutorial and look forward to seeing your finished Cards.
Happy Crafting

These are some other examples of what I have done with them


  1. they are gorgeous, Jenny!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Cann't wait to see what you Create Valerie. Have Fun!

  3. Está preciosa, me encanta, muchas gracias por compartirla!!!!!

  4. Está preciosa, me encanta, muchas gracias por compartirla!!!!!

  5. EEEEEEEEK!! These are just gorgeous cards Jenny!!! Definitely going to try this for myself! Thanks!!