Thursday, November 16, 2017

Tutorial Thursday - Chocolate Box

Hi La-La Land Crafts fans!!!!!!
Irene here, and today I will show you how to make a Chocolate Box.

You will need to make it:
* a rectangle - design paper (your choice) - size 15,2x24cm
* a square - design paper (your choice) - size  9x9cm
* a acetate sheet rectangle
* 2 x Two Trees Die ** use design paper (your choice)
* 1 x Mini Christmas Wreath Die **
* 2 x Postage Stamps Die **
* 3 x Stitched Nested Circles **
* 2 x Joy Die **
* glue
* distance foams
* scissors
* white Media Gesso
* Vintage Seam Binding in Blue
 First cut box base sections to the following measurements:
Plain cardstock (or design paper) - 15,2x24cm

On the 24cm wide side score at: 1,4cm, 10cm, 1,5cm, 10cm and then score again 1,5cm
On the 15,2 high side score: 1,4cm, 1.5cm, 10cm, 1.5cm, and then score again 1,4cm
Use a bone folder to fold all the score lines. 
 Trim the shaded sections as illustrated above from your chocolate box base to create your "box" tabs as illustrated below:
Now I must create  a window in to my chocolate box, so I score 2 squares at: 1,5cx1,5cm as illustrated below:
after creasing the first few lines, cut the diagonal lines inside the squares so as to create a small ledge in the middle of your box, as illustrated below:
well and the most complicated part has passed and now we will move to the easier part that will be to create an overlap in the salience that you just created using a 9x9cm square, as illustrated below:
Score at: 1cm, 6,9cm, and again 1cm, and cut off the side angles...
This is what it should look like, as illustrated below:
Now I created from the decorative paper the box where I will put four chocolates... and wrap my box with acetate and the measures for this rectangle with 10x24cm, I will score as the following measurements:: 1,5x10x1,5x10x1,5cm and glue it together.
Now it's time to decorate!!!!
We can change the cutter by creating a border to create dimension to our scene

For the finished touch I use a white Media Gesso and Vintage Seam Binding in Blue...

A preview of my Chocolate Box...

That's all from me today! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. 
Until next time and have a good day!
Irene Mendes

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