Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bubble Christmas Card Tutorial

Hello, there!
Henryka here, with Christmas Card Tutorial.
I know, we have few more months to Christmas and you can think, is too early for that kind of inspirations, but better to be prepared.

I have for you a video, how to make a Bubble Christmas Card.

What you will need to make it:

5 sets of Winer Flowers, 5 big ones and 5 small ones
5 sets of Winter Branches
white card for a base
two circles approx. 12cm and 11cm diameters
scissors, glue, distance foam, glitter, ribbon and jute twine

First, what you need, you have to cut from white paper your base, bubble shape.
I am using unused CD to make a pattern.
When you have your base you can start to make a card.
Please have a look at my video:

And here are some closer photos:

Thank you for your attention, hope you like it.
I wish you a good Thursday!

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