Thursday, September 1, 2016

Layered Card Tutorial

I have never before done a tutorial on the layer card.
So today I invite you to create with me this kind of card, what can be done very quickly.

To made this card you need: white DL card stock for the base, 3 different design papers, two flowers, a piece of rose trim, unneeded earring, 3 dies : Two Leaves (set of 2, Flower Elements Border Set (set of 6)Heart Doilyglue  scissors and 3D distance foams,
ink or white glitter.

From first design paper, we are cutting out a rectangle,
a little smaller than the card base. From the second design paper, we are cutting again rectangle slightly smaller than the first one, but on one side we tear the paper gradually to make it smaller at the end, rounding it. From the same piece, I have made the smallest layer, you can make it too.
At the end we cut and also tear on one side, larger piece of paper than the smallest one, we can use here any leftovers, scraps of paper, but with a similar colour as the first layer.

All sides, we are distressing with scissors.
We are using 3D distance foams to layer one paper on the other.
So now, we are putting all the layers to make a nice and attractive composition,
to expose all distress edges.

Along the last layer, we affix the earring and roses.

We are cutting out 3 hearts with Heart Doily
we will use only the greater part of cutouts, then we are cutting out from every heart small pieces, and we are layering them under the paper like that does not stick out under it.

We are putting hearts under the layers as seen in the pictures. I prefer to stick the cutouts when the layers are attached already because you can arrange the whole composition better.

Now we can put our leaves, which previously
we cut out with Two Leaves (set of 2, Flower Elements Border Set Die (set of 6)

We affix our card to the white stock card base.
We can add some glitter on our flowers and distress the edges
and leaves with some ink.
Now we bend the paper at the edges.
We can also, in some places tear it a little bit. We can add some glitter on our flowers and distress the edges and leaves
with some ink and card is ready.

I hope that I have described everything clear enough
and you are going to make a similar card, and then feel free to share it
on La-La Land Crafts Facebook page
or on my personal blog, I will be more than happy to see your creativity.

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