Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom's Day!

Hi! Ok, here is something a bit different to share with my La-La Land Crafts family.  I altered Darling Marci by leaving out the bow and adding a #1 and drawing in some knee high sport socks.  Then I added Football Luka's helmet.

Here is the inspiration for the altered Marci...I never turned out to be a princess type daughter like most mothers dream of having.  I've been into sports and hanging out with the guys since I was a little girl, but of course that doesn't mean my mom isn't great.  The only problem is...I don't have a clever saying!!!  I have ideas about the message I want to convey...but no smarts as to how to do that.  Please SUGGEST! HELP! Ideas??

Here is the original image so you can see the alterations...

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful moms!



  1. I LOVE this card! I myself was always a tomboy and had issues with all the cards avaible from daughters so girly!!

    As for about the fron just saying "Happy Mother's Day!" and/or Thanks Mom. Now iside how about something along the line as..."I never was your girly, girl
    Ponytails instead of curl,
    Would rather race,
    Then be caught in lace,
    I'd seek out thrills,
    Not shop for frills!"
    And then just write how much you love and appreciate her and her unconditional love & support!
    I don't know, it may be corny, but hope it inspires you on what to write!

  2. OMG This is like the cutest ever. I love the whole altered Marci. I Just love everything about it.

  3. Had I known when I left last night this was what you were going to do I would have stayed to watch you finish it! This is totally you girl! hahaha.. I love Clare's little ditty up top, you should definitely add that inside..
    As for the front, I don't think you need a sentiment, altered Marci speaks louder than words.
    I love it!! And I know you're mom will too. ;) Hugs

  4. Those socks are the cutest things every! Very clever idea!