Saturday, March 5, 2011

Think of You . . .

Well, hello La La Land fans! 1LuvnMama is baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Woohoo . . . it's been a long, several months, but with good reason! Last November, I gave birth to my 3rd child. Let me formally introduce him to you . . .

Asa Dean

Thank you Irina and the team for your support during this time of transition! You know I've been {THINKING OF YOU} gals and seeing all the wonderful creations! With that said, I created a card using Fancy Dress Marci.

She is so adorable! Fancy Marci is framed inside of a heart shaped doily. I actually cut out the inside to show the pretty rose paper behind her.

I've been seeing some really fabulous projects over at the CUSTOMER GALLERY. We would love to see what you do with Marci and Luka! See you back next week! :)


  1. Welcoem back, mama! He is such a cutie pie!
    You card is gorgeous! Love the big heart!

  2. OMGosh, Asa is A-DORABLE!!! Look at that smile!!! He's one happy little guy, I can tell. I'm wishing my guys were little again. (sniff sniff) What a blessing. And your little Fancy Dress Marci card is a cutie, too. Welcome back!!!!!


  3. What an adorable little bundle of joy! He has such an incredible smile! Thanks for sharing him with us and welcome back!