Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ta-Da! {Magician Luka}

Hello La-La friends!!  Kris here... sharing a fun card today with Magician Luka and some stars and circus elements that I cut using my Cricut!  This li'l guy just CRACKS ME UP with his li'l shorts and cowboy boots.  But isn't that what li'l boys do??  Dress up in whatever they can find?  Love it!!  Irina and Eric did such a great job with this playtime collection.  My husband actually convinced me to make his li'l boots STRIPED!  LOL.  he thought that'd be "soo cool" to have striped cowboy boots (for real!) 

Anywhoo... did this li'l Magician Luka catch your fancy too??  I'd LOVE to see what you did with him!  Please share your creations with us in our Customer Gallery (link at top of blog)!!  To get your Magician Luka in rubber, see the store!  For digis, see HERE.

Happy Crafting,


  1. This is sooooo cute and your husband was right..the stripped boots just finish off his cuteness!!!!!!!!!! Great job........

  2. lol, how fun is this?!? Adorable card, Kris!

  3. Love how he is centerstage Kris!! This is one awesome it!!