Saturday, August 15, 2009

the La-La Gala Grand Prize Winner

I would like to announce the Winner of the La-La Gala Grand Prize!! I pulled the name after the celebration was over and the winner is Chris Ollia!!! Congratulations Chris!!

Chris has been already notified over the phone and picked up her prize at Cranberry Hill Mercantile. I was actually there, but have totally spaced out and did not take the photos of Chris with the prize :-( But Chris has told me that she did not have anything of what was included in the price, I am glad I picked the "right" things!!! There was a set of JustRite all occasion stamps with the stamper, Tim Holtz scissors, Stampa-Magic, set of large Prima Silk Flowers, and I can't even recall the rest right now.. but there were quite a few things in there!! A basket full of goodies, a basket full of stamping haven!!

Congratulations again Chris and enjoy!!!


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  1. Congratuations, Chris!! Enjoy the goodies! Lucky duck! :)