Thursday, August 11, 2022

Tutorial Thursday - Decorating the inside of your card


Hello everyone! Welcome to Tutorial Thursday!
Tamara here with you today to share a tutorial with you!
Today I'll show you a simple way how to decorate the inside of your cards using our word dies with a pop up effect.
~ now for the TUTORIAL you have been waiting for ~ 
Step 1 
Cut two rectangles. One is the base of your card (white cardstock) and the other one is for the inside of your card. White rectangle: 5 1/8" x 10 1/8" Yellow rectangle: 5" x 10" 
Step 2 
Make a fold in the middle of both rectangles.
Step 3 
Draw a line 0.5" from both (longer) sides.
Make marks 1.5" on both sides from the middle. Draw line.
You get a rectangle with a fold in the middle. Now fold the rectangle.
Step 4.
Take your scissors and cut from the middle fold to the 1.5" line on both sides.


Step 5
Take your scoring board and make score lines BUT only from 0.5" line on one side to 0.5 line on the orher side.
Make folds acording to picture. The middle part should be folded outside (towards you).
Step 6
The 1.5" line and fold was chosen because the "Enjoy die" fits perfectly inside it. If you're using other size dies you have to measure it first and make folds acordingly.
Place your die one the bottom part (from the middle) and run it through your die cutting machine.
Step 7
If you're using letters that have inner parts like "e" and "o" in my case, you can simply add some acetate behind it and glue the inner part on.


That's it. Don't forget that la-la land crafts has a lot of different word dies and also different letters so you can make your own words and use them inside your cards.
We hope that you are inspired to try out your own creation with the amazing stamps and dies from La-La Land Crafts!
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Hoping you all have a great week of Creating
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