Thursday, March 7, 2019

Tutorial Thursday - Unicorn gift box

Today I have a tutorial for you. I'll show you how to make a Unicorn gift box decorated with lots of La-La Land Crafts die cuts and images.

What you need:
white cardstock
design paper
scoring board
paper trimmer
double sided adhesive
liquid adhesive
3d foam pads

Step 1:
Cut two squares from white cardstock measuring 4.5" x 4.5" and then two squares from design paper measuring 4 3/8" x 4 3/8".

Step 2:
Mat the smaller square with the bigger one and glue them together.

Step 3:
Take white cardstock and chosen design paper and cut:
1x   4" x 4" (white cardstock)
1x   3 7/8" x 3 7/8" (design paper)
4x   1 3/8" x 3,5" (white cardstock)
4x   1 1/4" x 3 3/8" (design paper)

Mat and glue them together as shown on picture.

Step 4:
To make a base for the box cut two squares:
square 1-   6,5" x 6,5"
square 2-   6 3/8" x 6 3/8"

Take square 1 and make score lines at 1.5", 5" and 6.5". Flip it and do it from the other side too.
Take square 2 and make score lines at 1.5", 5 1/8" and 6 5/8". Flip it and do it from the other side too.

Step 5:
To make a shaker star you need to cut three stars. One from design paper, one from acetate and one from white cardstock. When you're cutting the one from white cardstock you need to add the size smaller star in the middle and cut them together so you get a star frame.

First glue acetate to the star frame. Then take foam tape and add it on the frame. Take powder tool and use it on the inner side of the shaker so there's nothing sticky. 

Add chosen shaker material (glitter, sequins, beads ...) and cover it with the star cut from design paper.

Step 6:
To make a colourful rainbow you need to cut a few different ones from design paper or you simply colour them with your inks.

Carefully cut each part and then glue it to the white base.

You can choose any colour you want and add it to your rainbow.

Step 7:
Make die cuts. Adjust the border to the top of your smaller rectangles.

Glue them to the bigger scored square (top of your box).

Close the flaps and glue the boxes together. You get two seperate pieces, the top and the bottom.

Step 8:
Glue the bottom of the box to the pattered side of the 4"x4" square (you made it in the step 1). Bottom part must look up and you must see the design paper on the bottom piece.

Then take the lid and glue it on the white side of the 4"x4" square. 

When you close the box you have to see the design paper on both 4"x4" squares.

Step 9:
Colour your chosen image and stamp word Magical. I used sentiment from the Be Unique stamp set.

Step 10:
Decorate the box.

... and here it is. All it needs now is some candy inside. hehe ...

That's all from me today. I hope you like my box. If you do, let me know! 😉
Hugs, t.

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  1. This box is Adorable! I’m going to try and make one or two this weekend. Thank you for the instructions and great pictures. 🥰