Thursday, August 11, 2016

Marci Earrings

Hi all,
Debbie here today with a fun little tutorial for you using shrink plastic and your La-La Land rubber stamps. Today I've made a cute pair of earrings using Marci with Camera. You can use the same method to create a charm for a necklace or bracelet if you prefer. 

Note - This is one project that is very difficult to do using digital stamps

Here's what you need....

Your favourite La-La Land Craft rubber stamp
White shrink film
StazOn Ink - I used Timber Brown because it's all I had
Coloured Sharpies
Heat gun
Jewellery findings

Stamp your image twice onto the shrink film - be careful not to let your stamp slide on the slick surface.

Using sharpies colour key areas. You don't have to colour in every area. 

Note - the ink in the Sharpies removes the StazOn ink from the plastic so colour carefully.

Carefully cut your images out and punch a hole in the top so you can hang them on the earring hoops.

IMPORTANT - You can't punch the hole AFTER you shrink the plastic so don't forget!

Use your heat gun to shrink the plastic, it curls up as it shrinks but flattens out as you get closer to being fully shrunk.

The plastic is quite soft at this stage so you need to keep an eye on it so that it doesn't cling together as it curls. 

Here you can see how small she ends up compared to how big she was when I started. Notice how the colour of the ink has intensified giving the stamped lines more definition. 

I like to put her aside for a few hours after shrinking to make sure the Sharpie ink has dried properly and doesn't smudge. 

Add a large O ring through the hole in Marci's hat before adding the smaller O ring and earring post. Using the 2 O rings makes sure that Marci faces to the front when wearing the earrings. 

And here they are next job is to create a cute little box for them.

I believe this can be done using pencils to colour with, but I haven't tried that method out yet.

I hope you liked this fun technique and have a go yourself.



  1. They're just adorable!! I've made a few earrings before, but not with Marci images. Now it's on my to-do list! tfs!!

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  3. I've only done it with color pencils, never with Sharpies. Color on the back with the pencils though. You need the rough surface. It doesn't work well on the smooth side.