Thursday, August 25, 2016

Exploding Card

Hi it's Jennifer here  with Tutorial Thursday and today
we are creating an Exploding Card. They look Amazing
with there 3D features yet they fold down flat to send in the post.

This is the outside of the card and you will need to cut a piece
of cardstock 5 inches x 12 inches and score on the longside at
5, 10 and 10 3/16.

This is the centre of the Card.  A piece of Cardstock
10 inches x 4 1/4 inchesScore on the long side at
 4, 5 and 6 inches. I inch in from both ends on the 
5 inch score place a cut from the 4 inch score line to the
 6 inch score line. Then on each end of  the 5 inch score
 line measure 1/2  an Inch either side and up the score
 1/2 an inch to make a triangle 

Then cut out the 2 triangles and it will look like this.

Now to do the sides  you need to cut 2 pieces of double
sided paper at 6 x 10 inches

Score at 5 inches along the long side and fold in half with the
 open end facing up. Which ever colour is folded in is the
 colour that will be on the inside of your card.

Then fold the bottom left corner up to the top open edge.

I found it easier to use graph paper with inches on it to make
 scoring straight. So you flip your side piece over as in the picture.

You are going to score starting at the bottom 2, 3, 4, 5 inches across.

Now to start folding open it up and starting from one corner as
 in the picture you are going to make mountains and valleys
 make sure you start with the mountain.

and continue until half way. Then start on the other corner
 and do the same again until the centre.

It should look like this.

The outside of it.

Now to fold it altogether the bottom naturally just folds in.

and will look like this.

Then place tape around as show on both sides on each of your sides.

and tape them to the outside of the card

as shown here. Oooops  I forgot to take the earlier photos so
 there is a difference in the paper colours but still blue.

and the second side as well.

Then tape your centre in making sure not to put tape on the pop up bit.

Then decorate as desired.
I have used

I also placed a card on the inside base  cut to 4 x 3 inches and
folded in half and taped down.

Folded up on the outside you can pop a belly band around it to
 hold it shut , ribbon or half velcro dots which I chose. now
 ready to be posted.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and looking forward to seeing
 you all decorate yours up.

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Happy Crafting

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  1. Never saw one made this way, it has so many more folds. It looks awesome!! Thanks for the tutorial!!