Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tutorial Thursday - Spring flowers

Today I’d like to show you how to make the spring flowers using 
These flowers are really easy to make.

To make the flowers, you will need paper (I used a red, hand made paper
for flowers and green for leaves ), a burnishing tool, mat, 
spray bottle filled with water, glue,  

First cut out 4 big and 4 small petals.
From that amount of cut petals you can do two big flowers 
( two big petals and one small one) or also one small one ( from two big petals).

Spray the cut out components with water.

Next, twist each part of the petals with your fingers.

When the parts are dry, unfold them and shape them using burnishing tool.

Two big petals we glue together

On that we glue smaller one and pearl.
. The same we do with the small flowers, glued two small petals together.

You trample the whole flower in hand, than we straightens the petals lifting them up.

You add leaves and three spring flowers are ready.

I hope that you like my flowers and that you will feel inspired to make your own.

Hugs, Anna


  1. Thank You so muck Anna I am going to try to make these. So thanks for sharing :)