Thursday, February 11, 2016

Inspiration Thursday- Cutting and Trimming Images

Hello and Welcome to this weeks Tutorial Thursday!
It is Sue here to share with you a 'Image Cutting' tutorial!

If you don't or can be bothered to work with a Silhouette Cameo Machine, this is the tutorial just for you!

I am using the new Marci with Rose Stamp a super cute newbie from the latest release.

So where to start......... colour your image and grab a good pair of scissors!
I have always found the Cutterbee scissors to be fabulous, use what ever works for you!

Start cutting, I like to leave a small white border around the image.
This is personal preference though.
If you don't like the white border and like to cut close to the black line, use a black copic marker (100) to cover over any white that may be left showing.

There are a few additional tips in this short video that have served me well over the years!
* Always move your paper not your scissors.
* Use the back part of your blades for the most precise cutting.
* Cut off any excess that may be getting in your way. 

Once you have finished cutting the outer edge this is what you should be left with.
Happy with this?
Yes, use the image on a creation!
No, scroll down.....

Not happy with the white still showing? 
Move on to the next step.

Let's take out the white between Marci's legs
Cut between her feet right up to the bottom of her dress.

Right through!

Using the same technique as before (moving the paper not the scissors) cut half. 

Cut the other half. 
You can also cut through the rose stem just above Marci's hand to do the same with the white between the rose and Marci's hair.

Ta Dah, the image is fully trimmed and on the card!

Hope this helps with your Image trimming!

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  1. I love to fussy cut, you've done a fabulous job! Love this new image!

  2. Great job on the fussy cutting.
    Sincerely, Elaine Rico