Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tutorial Thursday - Little roses

Hello, here Anna

Today I’d like to show you how to make little roses using 
a Cherry Blossom Flowers Die.
These flowers are really easy to make.
Maybe some of you would like to make them and show us your finished roses.

To make the roses, you will need paper (I used a yellow, hand made paper),
a burnishing tool, mat, spray bottle filled with water,

First, cut out all of the parts for the flowers, using a die. For each flower,
you will need two of each size of petals.

Spray the cut out components with water.

Next, twist each part of the petals with your fingers.

When the parts are dry, unfold them and shape them using burnishing tool.

1. Glue together the first set of smallest petals.

2.Add the second set of smaller petals around the first ones

3. Next, add first set of medium petals.

4.Now, add the second set of medium petals.

5.Next, glue/add the largest set of petals. First.

6. And second.

You can also make flowers using only two largest sized petals..

  Fold and shape the petals with pliers and your roses are ready.

I hope that you like my roses and that you will feel inspired to make your own.

Hugs, Anna


  1. Wow awesome tut, thank you :)

  2. Thanks for this tutorial! I absolutely love all of your work, and your flowers are one of the stars of the show!