Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tutorial Thursday - Colouring Sweet Molli's Hair

Hi All, 
Debbie here with a requested tutorial. Recently I used the gorgeous Hello Molli in this card.... a result I was asked to do a tutorial on how I coloured her hair. 

Please note I scanned these images rather than taking photographs which is why they look a little different but they do show the steps clearly - possibly too clearly! You can use the same method with any colours you like.

A few months I saw a card with a beautiful colour combo used on the hair. I can't remember where I saw it but it's become my favourite hair combo since and I have to force myself to use anything different for variety. That combo is what I've used for the card above and my tutorial today....

Start off by colouring all the hair in with the lightest shade - Y21.

Then start flicking in some of the next shade - Y26. I like to add to it to ends of the curls and then around the kinks in the curls.

Start deepening the colour in the curls with YR24, just using tiny flicks to add small lines of colour.

Keep adding depth with your next shade - E25. Go back with the Y26 and YR24 if you feel you need to.

Take your darkest colour - E29 - and fill in the the parts of her hair which would be deep set and in shadow

Finally add some E29 to the very tips of her curls and anywhere you want to add more depth. 

And there you go - you're DONE!

And here she is done the same way but with a different colour combo.... E31, E35, E08 and R59.

I hope I've inspired you to give her curly hair a go. I must admit I couldn't wait to get my copics onto this hair when I saw her.

Until next time
Happy Curly Colouring


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