Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tutorial Thursday- Aster flowers

Hello, Anna here :D

I really like to make cards with flowers 
and majority of the time I use ready-made flowers.
However, sometimes I feel like making them myself. 
Today, I want to share with you an easy way to make

1. To make the asters, you will need paper
(I use a handmade paper) in pink color and in green for the leaves.
You will also need glue, pearlized cabochons 
for the middle of flowers, scissors, a spray bottle for water,
embossing tool, craft molding mat,

2. Out of the handmade paper, cut out various sizes of circles
– smaller and/or larger, depending on the desired size
of the finished flowers you want to make.

3. Cut into each circle toward the middle, but leave the middle
section intact. Do that around the entire circle,
so that you will end up with strips of paper arranged around 
the INTACT middle section. The strips do not have to be exactly even.

4. Cut off the corners of each paper strip, to make them pointy.

5.  Next, spray each circle, prepared in steps 4 and 5, with water and leave to dry.
When the paper is dry, twist each strip of paper with your fingers.

6. Lightly shape the middle of each flower part using an embossing/burnishing tool
and then layer and glue one on top of another
– from the biggest one on the bottom to the smallest one on the top.

7.Attach/glue pearlized cabochon in the middle of the top layer.
 Cut out the leaves and arrange together with the flowers.
Your flowers are ready.

.How do you like these asters? 
I hope that you’ll feel inspired to make your own, which I wholeheartedly suggest.
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Have fun!

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