Thursday, October 9, 2014


It's Tracey here today bringing you this week's TUTORIAL.


I often use different materials other than paper or card stock with my dies, and I especially love using felt to make grass and rolled flowers.

I have chosen an assortment of materials to cut today, including canvas, glitter card stock, adhesive wood veneer, felt, vellum and aluminium can.

I have arranged them on the base plate of my cutting machine, ready for cutting. I always position them near the side edges, as I find that this is where there is the most pressure.
 Double sided tape helps keep the die aligned with the aluminium as it was a little slippery.

My lovely hand model is running the dies through the die cutting machine. Notice the extra layer of card stock shim on top of the cutting sandwich. This helps to ensure all materials are cut completely through. Some brands of felt cut better than others.

Here you have a variety of embellishments ready to create a card. They can be used with a coloured Marci or Luka image, or even alone on a card.

For the rolled felt roses, they are rolled just as you would with paper, but it is actually much easier as the felt grips onto itself and the rose doesn't tend to spring open.

Continue rolling until the whole rose has been formed.

Use a liquid adhesive on the base of the rose.

Make your roses into a quick and easy Christmas card, along with some other die cut felt, card stock, glittercardstock and a sentiment stamp.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.

Happy crafting.
Tracey XO


  1. Thanks for sharing, I have not cut anything other then paper or cardstock in my big shot.. I really should try some other things!

  2. great tutorial, Tracey, and beautiful card!

  3. Thanks! I had no idea that you could use things like an aluminum can and it made a great looking embellishment. All of them look so good. Definitely going to do the felt grass.