Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tutorial Thursday - Pop Up card

Hello, Its Tutorial Thursday  and today we are making a pop-up card with 3 panels. 
Each panel adds an additional layer to your card that you can stamp or embellish.
A very simple card that can be made into a beautiful masterpiece for any special occasion.

You will need. 
Coloured cardstock of your choice
Paper Cutter
Double sided tape

Step 1
Cut a piece of cardstock for the main card 28cm X 14cm and fold in half. 

Step 2 
Cut 2 pieces of cardstock for the panels  measuring 13 1/2 cm x 11cm and 13 1/2cm x 7cm. The height can be changed to accommodate your embellishments.

Step 3 
This step shows to make the supports for the panels Cut 2 pieces of card measuring 13 1/2cm x 10cm and score at 2cm, 4cm, 6cm and 8cm along the 10cm edge. Apply double sided tape to 4 sections of the supports leaving the middle section free of tape.

Step 4
Fold along all scored lines and remove tape where card over laps and stick together. 

Step 5 
remove tape from bottom and one side and attach to the card

Step 6 
Add your 13 1/2cm x 11cm panel to the front of the support and then add your next support and smaller panel.

Decorate as desired!
The card will fold flat if you dont use bulky embellishments.

 I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial, and we look forward to
seeing your creations on our La-La Land Crafts Facebook Page or join us on Twitter.

Happy Crafting! 
Anne-Maree xx


  1. Very nice tutorial. Your card is decorated up so well.

  2. This card is beautiful. I would like to try to make it but I don't understand how to measure in center meters. Can you give me the measurements in inches?

    1. Hi Melvina, Thank you for your kind words. You can google a Metric Converter that will change the measurements from cm's to inches, This is one i found|DIY|Tools&gclid=CKqRrpaSgL0CFRFvvAodIp0Asg THanks

  3. absolutely love this card.thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Adorei!!!
    Obrigada por compartilhar a ideia!!!
    bjks da Ede