Friday, June 8, 2012

Aussie Release Showcase!!

Good morning and happy Friday!! Did you see our DIES release on Monday?? Aren't they just amazing?!! Do you have a favourite or are you like me and just want THEM ALL?!! Well today we have another release!! WOOT!! Two releases in one week? Do we spoil you or WHAT!?!

To celebrate the fact that our fabulous owners and illustrators, Eric and Irina, are jetting their way to Brisbane for the Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo & Convention we have an AUSSIE RELEASE!!

We have both Team Monday and Team Friday showcasing these SUPER CUTE stamps today so pull up a chair and get comfy.. because you don't want to miss a thing!!

Karen Yates using Koala Luka

Copic Colour: SKIN: E0000, E00, E11, R20
Hair: E11, E15, E18
Clothes: YG93, YG95, YG97, 0, E35, E33, E31, N3, N5, E0000, E41
Koala: W0, W2, W4, W6

Debra James using Outback Luka

Copics- Hat, Boots, Vest- BG93, BG96. Pants-E41, E43, E44. Shirt-E50, E53, Hair-E30, E33, E35.Skin- E00, E02, E11.

Sue using Koala Luka

Skin: E000, E00, E11, R01, R02
Hair: E00, E11, E15, E18
Clothing: BG93, BG96, BG99
Gum Leaves: E15, E13, YG91, YG93, YG95, YG97
Boots: E13, E15, E18
Akubra: E41, E42, E43, E44, E13, E15, E30
Koala:W00, W1, W3, W5, W7, W10

Debbie Pamment using Outback Luka

Skin - R20, R11, E11, E00, E000
Hair - E19, E15, E13
Boomerang - E15, YR27
Clothes - E44, E43, E42, E41, E40, BG99, BG96, BG93, BG90, C0, C00

Debbie using Koala Luka

Debbie using Koala Marci

Skin - R20, R11, E11, E00, E000
Hair - E18, E17, E15, E13
Clothes - B97, B95, B93, B91, B000, G99, G85, G82
Koala - R20, R11, R01, R000, 100, W7, W5, W3, W2, W1, W00

Debbie using Kangaroo Marci and Palm Tree Die (leaves)

Copics used -
Skin - E11, E00, E000, R20, R11, R83 (lips)
Hair - E43, E42, E41, E40
Clothes - E43, E42, E41, E40, G99, G85, G82, C1, C00, R83, R81, R59, R56
Kangaroos - W5, W3, W2, W1, W00, R02, R01, R000
Didgeridoo - E44, E43, E42, B00, B000, B0000

Renee Ludlow using Outback Luka

Copic Markers
Skin: E000, E00, E11
Hair: C1, C5, C7, 100
Hat: E43, E50, E57, Y06, Y08, Y15
Shirt: YG21, YG23, YG25
Vest: G85, G94, G99, 0
Shorts: E43,E57, W3
Shoes: C1, C5, C7, 100
Socks: Y06, Y08, Y15
Boomerang: E000, E02. E08, black and white gels pens

Arlene Cuevas using Outback Luka

Copic Markers:
Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, BV00, Lips: R20
Hair: YR21, YR23
Boomerang: E31, E33, E35
Hat, Outfit, Boots: E41, E42, E43, E53, E55, E57 Buttons: E57, At You Spica Glitter Pen "Chocolate"

Cindy using Outback Luka, Palm Tree Die and Wave Border Die

Skin: E00, e11, R20
Hair: Y21, Y23
BG10, W0, E33, G21

Cindy using Kangaroo Marci and Butterflies Set 1 Dies

Skin: E00, E11, R20
Hair Y21, Y23
R81, R85, E15, E33, G21

Tara White Godfrey using Cute Koala Marci

Copics: Skin: E000, 00, 21, 11, R20 Hair: E40, 43, 44 Top: RV42, R43, W1, 3, 5 Skirt: B000, 00, 01, 91, G43, YG95, RV42, R43 T1 Uggs: YR20, E33 Koala Hat: W00, 0, 1, 3, 5, 7

Tina Gilliland using Stamp: Koala Luka and Stump Set

Hair: E25, E35, E42, E50
Skin: E11, E00,E000, R20
Clothes: BG78, BG75, BG72, YR24, YR23, YR21, R17, R14, R12
Koala: C7, C5, C3, C1
Stump: E29, E25, E31, E50, E51, E35
Greenery: YG67, YG63, YG51
Mushrooms: R17, R12, R12, E33, E11

Sara Winter using Koala Marci

copic Markers:
skin E000 E00 E11 E02
hat-C1 C2 C3 C5 C7
skirt-BG000 BG00 W0 W2
top/boots W0 W2
hair E21 E23 E25 E29

Kim Dellow using Kangaroo Marci

Prismacolor Pencils - Seashell pink; peach, pink, burnt ochre; black; dark brown; light umber; sienna brown; french grey 70%; ginger root; tuscan red; canary yellow; spanish orange; pale vermillion; kelp green; olive green

Becky Hetherington using Kangaroo Marci

Distress Reinkers
Skin: Tattered Rose and Vintage Photo
Cheeks and Lips: Worn Lipstick
Hair: Antique Linen, Frayed Burlap and Walnut Stain
Clothes: Victorian Velvet, Frayed Burlap and Walnut Stain
Kangaroos: Antique Linen, Brushed Courderoy and Vintage Photo
Background; Weathered Wood

Jing van Opstal using Koala Luka and Sentiment and Stump Set

Hair: E71,E77,E79
Face/Arms/Legs: E000,E00, E11, BV00
Hat: E40,E42,E44,E49,E000
Shirt/Shorts: W00,W1,W5,W7
Koala Bear: N0,N2,N4,N6
Leaves: E81,E84
Opaque White
Stump: E000,E21,E23,E25,E27,E29
Mushroom: R46,E21,Opaque White
Leaves: YG93,YG95,YG97
Faber-Castell Pencils

Jeanette using Kangaroo Marci and Filigree Corner Die

Copic Markers
Slim: E000, E00, E11, R20, R30
Hair: E50, E35, E37
Hat & Shorts: E40, E42, E43
Green: YG91, YG63, YG97
Stick and Kangaroos: E21, E23, E59

Sandie using Cute Koala Marci and Street Lamp Die

Copic Markers -
Skin E000, 00, 11. R20
Hair - E21, 23, 235, 27
Boots/hat/skirt - B21, 23, 24
hat/Shirt -Y21, 23,

Karen Maldonado using Kangaroo Marci

Copics -
Hair: E11, E15, E19,
Skin: E000, E01, E02, E21, R20
Outfit & Hat: BG72, BG75, Y08, Y21
Shoes. Socks, & Stick: E25, E27, E41, Y08, Y21
Kangaroos: W1, W3, W5, R00, R000

Rosie Bridges using Cute Koala Marci, Filigree Corner Die & Wave Border Die
Copic Markers:
Skin: E000, E00, E01, E11
Hair: E47, E57, E37, E13
Koala Hat: Black, C7, C5, R22, Liquid Applique, Gray chalk
Shirt: R24, R27, R29, R22, C7, Liquid Applique, Gray Chalk
Skirt: BG57, BG53, BG10, R29, Y18, N2
Boots: Black, C7, C5, C3, R29

Amazing inspiration from an amazing team!!

Please note: All of the AUSSIE RELEASE stamps are available in AUSTRALIA ONLY until they are released at CHA on July 16th, 2012.. but that's only a few weeks away, right?!

I hope you enjoyed our showcase today. Don't forget you could be in with a chance of winning our monthly prize if you play along with any of our inspiration themes this month and link them up in the Customer Gallery.

Have a great day!


  1. Fabulous cards ladies and the stamps are so cute!!!

  2. OMG these are so amazing can't wait to see them in person

  3. oh my word how adorable...I LOVE IT...i am have to get my hands on Cute Koala Marci...she is so darn cute....

    See you at CHA...

  4. OH MY Goodness Gracious... these are SO ADORABLE!! I can't decide which I love best--they're all great! Your team ROCKED these images so well. WOW! :)

  5. These rock!

    I already have my order in for 2 of these and cannot wait to get them!!!

    Thanks for making some Aussie ones for us, we adore having our emblems in rubbah to create with for our international friends!

    I know I will use mine for Christmas Cards this year!!