Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tutorial Thursday - Square Christmas Cracker

Good morning. Today we have a tutorial by our Guest Designer Jo Nevill. Jo made a wonderful Square Christmas Cracker for her GDT project last week and very kindly prepared a tutorial to show how it's done. 

12” x 11” patterned cardstock for cracker
2 x end stiffeners  - 2” x 11”
1 x centre stiffener – 3½” x 11”
Nestabilities square (measuring 1 1/8”) or square piece of card measuring 7/8th” x 7/8th”

How To - 
Score the patterned cardstock and all the stiffeners along the 11” edge at 2.5”, 5”, 7.5” and 10”

Attach the two end stiffeners to the ends of the cardstock and the centre stiffener to the centre of the cracker.

Using the centre square of the Nestabilities square die or your template square, draw **diamonds across the score lines making sure the centre of the diamond runs through the score line.  Also make sure the points of the diamonds are also lined up.  When you get to the end of the cardstock, draw a triangle shape as shown.  Repeat this both ends of the cracker.

Score three lines, one line above the top of the diamond shapes, one through the centre of the diamonds and one below the diamond shapes.

Fold all the score lines and at the ends make two mountain folds and a valley fold.

 Assemble the cracker and fold the ends.

Embellish as desired, and add your favourite La-La Land Crafts image. Add ribbon on both ends and your cracker is complete

**You can make the diamond shapes larger so that the ends of the cracker “pinch” more and can be used as a proper cracker when a snap is added to the centre.  If adding a snap, attach the snap with a small amount of glue or tape to the centre and each end of the snap otherwise it will not snap when pulled!.

 Thanks so much for stopping by today. We do hope you will try your hand at one of Jo's Crackers - and don't forget to link up in the customer gallery if you do.

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  1. Oh thank your post on making crackers... they seem pretty easy to do ... after seeing your pictures....
    Thanks for sharing
    The Scrapbooking Queen