Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tutorial Thursday {Cutting Out Images}


Hi everyone!! lots of people have asked me how I cutout tight spots in my images so I thought I’d give you a few tips. First up you need a image you colored, I have SWEET Buccaneer Marci all colored and trimmed around. Next you will want a pair of small SHARP Scissors. I always need my reading glasses, for the fine details.

Then I start trimming around my image about an 1/8 of an inch. Just follow your image all the way around.

Ok now this is where I cheat a bit, I cut between her boots cutting on the solid line between them. Many people like to use a craft knife for this, so that there isn’t a cut on her boots. I haven’t mastered the art of cutting with a knife and end up wrecking my image.

Here she is all cut out, you can see where I sliced between her boots. You can leave her like that or I sometimes but a little piece of tape on the back, so you don’t notice the seam. See my finished project below, you don’t even notice the seam.

Skin: E00, E11, R20

Hair: Y23, E31

Grey: T2, T5, T7

Outfit: RV66, RV63, RV69

Orange: YR07, YR04

I used this technique on Cowgirl Marci's rope! You can see my Cowgirl Marci post HERE!!

Hugs Cindy XXOO


  1. Fabulous Cindy, thank's so much for a fab tutorial ! I never thought of doing that when cutting between legs but I shall try it now !!! Gorgeous cards by the way too - love them.


    Jo xxxx

  2. Must say I am always a bit nervous when cutting around an image as I have poor eyesight so I have to have good light and hope for the best

  3. Wow thanks Cindy, you cant tell at all, the rope looks amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing that.

  4. Hi, great cards, love them, Carole Lockhart Stuart. (Carole S)

  5. AWE totally adorable card Cindy! Both of them are!
    Hugs, heidi brawley

  6. Cindy, fabby tutorial. Love the cards. Your work is just too amazing!!