Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Karin!!

Karin is our Guest Designer and today was her Birthday!! Happy Birthday Karin, we wish you all the best!!

To celebrate Karin's Birthday some of our Design Team members have made her Birthday cards!!

This card is by Maureen made with Fairy Lala

And this card was made by Kim with Happy Maya

I had all the intentions on finishing my card for Karin, but it is still not done.. Life keeps on interfering.. It seems like Jane's and my cards will have to be be-lated :-) I think I even have a sentiment just for that occasion!!! ;-)



  1. Thank you for ther beautifull cards and birthday wishes girls.
    The cards are fabulous and I'm so honoured you dedicated a complete post to me.

    Love you all,
    xoxo Karin

  2. Happy Birthday Karin! The cards are magnificent! I hope you have a lovely day Karin.