Thursday, June 27, 2019

La-La Land Crafts Tutorial Thursday - Turning Barefoot Luka's Jeans and T- Shirt into Bibs

Good morning everyone! Tina here, are you ready for a coloring tutorial? 

When I first saw Barefoot Luka I fell in love. His outfit is cute adorable. I love the way that Irina colored his clothes. 

I saw him in bibbed overalls! I can totally see him hanging out on a farm. 

I colored all but Barefoot Luka's skin, hair and flannel so we could focus on turning his t-shirt and jeans into bibbed overalls. Let's get started! 

With a pencil LIGHTLY draw in a pocket in the middle of the chest. Next, you will LIGHTLY draw in ovals where you would like the holes to be in the knees. It's really important to be light and precise with the pencil work. Once the pencil marks are on your paper and you color over it with Copics, the pencil marks are impossible to get rid of. 

Once you have the ovals placed on the knees, you will color inside the ovals with your skin combination. 

The skin combination that I used for Luka is E13, E11, E21, E00, E000, E0000. I started at the edges of the oval with my darkest color and worked my way inward to the lightest color. 

When you are finished coloring the knees, take the darkest color you are using for the bibs (I used B99) only put this color in the areas that should be shaded. After you've done that, outline the top and bottom of the pocket, add in a few wrinkle lines and then draw in a little piece of fabric hanging from the kneehole as shown below.  

The next color I used is B97. With this color, you will extend your shade out just a tad. Make sure when you are extending the shades of the wrinkle lines that you are going on the bottom of the line. You want the top of the wrinkle to be light in color. 

Now we are going to extend the color out just a bit further with B95. Still going on the bottom side of the wrinkle lines (not like I did and went on top of the one on the right leg). We are also adding B95 just under the left kneehole. 

Using B93, color in the rest of the bibs only leaving a slight white area at the top of the wrinkle lines and the outside edge of the fabric flap as shown below. 

Looking pretty cute, right?! Using a white gel pen, starting at the outside corner, flick inward to make white strings across the kneeholes. 

The final step in creating the perfect torn jeans is making tiny little flicks with your white gel pen. Start at the very edge of the kneehole and flick outward.  

 Voila! You have transformed Barefoot Luka's outfit! Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you had as much fun as I did!


Copic marker combinations

Skin: E13, E11, E21, E00, E000, E0000 Hair: E25, E11, E00 Flannel: R89, R39, R37, R35, 110 Bibs: B99, B97, B95,

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