Thursday, September 20, 2018

Tutorial Thursday- Happy Boo to You Coloring Tutorial

Hello everyone! Mayra here with you today from Mayras Designs with a fun Tutorial Thursday. 
I wanted to share the steps I use to color the adorable image from the Happy Boo To You stamp set. 
I just wanted to add a disclaimer, lol I am not an expert at coloring, this is just the way that works for me. I think it is important to have fun! I hope you enjoy this tutorial. 

I go between starting with my darker color and my lightest color. It just depends on that moment for me. For this image today I began with the lightest color for the areas that will be orange filling in the entire area. I also did the first layer for my green areas, the skin, and the hair.  I started with Y000, for the pumpkin and hat. For the leaves, I began with YG01. For the skin, I started with my darkest color which is E23. For the hair, I began with E31. 

I then went in and added along the edges Y08 to the pumpkin area and hat. 
FYG2 to the leaves. E21 to the skin and E35 to the hair. 

Then I added Y17 to the pumpkin and hat areas, YG13 to the leaves, E51 to the skin, and E57 to the hair, boots, and stem. 

Next, I added YR07 to the areas that will be orange. YG17 to the leaves. E50 to the skin. 
E35 to the hair, boots, and stem. 

I love when I add the darker colors, the image begins to come together! 
I then add YR27, a bit of YR24 to the orange areas. YG67 to the green areas. 
I do not have a photo of that step, I am so sorry it didn't come out. 
I then added YR07, Y17, and Y08 to the pumpkin areas. 
YG17, FYG2, and YG01 to the leaves, and E31 to the hair, stem, and boots. 

I went over the skin once again, using E23, E21, E51, E50 and a bit of R12. 
To finish off the pumpkin area I added the Y000 to blend the colors a bit more. 

I really had fun coloring this image! 
I hope you enjoy and feel inspired to create!!
Thank you very much for stopping by! 
Wishing you a wonderful and blessed day! 
Hugs, Mayra