Thursday, July 19, 2018

Tutorial Thursday: Creating a watery scene for Mermaid Baby Marci (and all the other mermaids!)

Hey everyone!

Stephanie here with you today and I quickly want to show you how to create a perfect water background for the lovely mermaids that hit the store at La-La Land Crafts!

Here are the simple steps:

You will need three shades of inks, no matter the brand, as long as they blend together and can react a bit to water (if not, just splatter some paint!).

Apply the lightest colour first to the top of the panel. Sunshine is always closer to the surface!

Then, blend in your mid-tone ink. Working in small circles usually helps, overlapping layers!

Finish with the darkest ink at the bottom of the panel. No sun, all shades!

Sprinkle some water if your ink is reactive, or paint.

Dab excess with a towel, and voilà! Mermaid background it is!

Last step was to create the waves with the negative from the Ropes die. Simple as this!

I completed the project by adding Mermaid Baby Marci all coloured up and a few pals from the Make A Splash set and Jaws Because. Of course, she wouldn't be that sweet without the diecuts: Fishing net, Heart Anchor, Sea CrittersSea Shells.

I hope this will encourage you to try a watery scene for the gorgeous Mermaid Princess Marci, Sitting Mermaid Baby Marci and Sassy Mermaid Molli in store!

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