Thursday, April 5, 2018

Tutorial Thursday - Coloring City Molli and creating a mini-album!

Hello everyone!
Stephanie with you today and I'm super excited to share a new tutorial for our Tutorial Thursdays with something fun, colorful, yet simple using the awesome La-La Land Crafts products!

I wanted to share a video how I like to colour City Molli with Copic markers and also how to create the structure of a mini-album to incorporate all your pictures, matching coloured images and favourite die-cuts done with La-La Land Crafts products :-)

And since it is a video on fastforward, I thought you might want to have the written steps as well. 
Here are the colours I used first to colour City Molli once she was stamped on colouring cardstock.

Copic markers: 
Skin (E000-00-21-11-13-04, RV42)
Hair (E44-47-49)
Scarf and shoes (R81-83-85)
Jeans (B91-93-95-97-99)
Jacket (E40-41-42-43)

When the colouring part was done, I fussy cut her with sharp scissors and started on creating the structure of the mini-album. I first started by cutting 4 pieces of cardstock to 5"x12" with a paper trimmer. Then, I placed each one horizontally and scored them at measurements starting from the left side at 5-1/2", then 6" and 6-1/2". Once that is done, just create the fold by folding inward and backward so that you get a "W" shape (or an "M", if you are feeling rebellious ;-)). 

Next step is to place a thin stripe of adhesive on each side of the middle scored line so that you can stack each of the panel on top of each other (try aligning them from extremities; it helps!). Do NOT put adhesive on the 4th piece, or else you will see it when your mini-album is opened, eheh! Once everything is attached together, you get to "pinch" the middle of the album and fold the side backward, as if it was laying flat. That center part is the one you want to punch holes in three times, giving you a total of 6 holes through which we will add some twine or ribbon. 

The lacing technique can be tricky, but once you try it a few times, I assure you you get the gist! Plus, I would highly suggest to use some washi tape at the end of your ribbon/twine so that it doesn't fray. Here goes lacing: place your mini-album in front of you, facing the outside face of the binding, then pass through the first bottom right hole from outside to inside, then come out from the inside to outside through the middle left hole, then go back from outside to inside to the top right hole, coming back from the inside to outside through the top left hole, then from outside to inside in the middle right hole, finishing from inside to outside in the bottom left hole with a bow.    

Finally, I decorated the cover simply with a few die-cuts made with my latest favourites from the La-La Land Crafts store: Pineapple, Peacock feather, Double Stitched Squares, Fabulous word. I am planning to decorate the inside of the mini-album with other fun characters from the store next to pictures of my next vacation :-) 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and cannot wait to see your own mini-album and coloured City Molli on the La-La Land Crafts Facebook group!

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