Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tutorial Thursday - Card in the Pocket

Hello everyone, 
Henryka here today with very easy step by step tutorial for Card in the Pocket.
I will show you how to make it. 
You can use that tutorial to make cards or small invitations. 
It will be a very original idea for a gift.

Ok, what do you need:
- white card stock 14x21cm
- 2 design paper sheets 9,5x12,5 cm
- scissors
- scoring board
- glue and distance foam
- flowers, white twine and other embellishments
- La-La Land dies: 

1. Our white card we need to score on the shorter side at 1cm and on 11cm.
We are going to get 1cm - 10cm - 10cm.
Then on the longer side, we are scoring just on 1cm, so we get 1cm - 13cm.
As shown in the picture below.

2. With scissors, we are cutting along the longer scoring line 
but just only half of the sheet and corner, as in the picture. 
Using one of Pierced Scalloped Circles we making a small window on a top side of our pocket.

3. With double side self-adhesive tape or glue we glue together our halves as in the picture.

4. On the one of our design paper, we make the same window on the top side as our white pocket has.

5. We glue our design papers to the pocket on both sides.

6. Prepare our cutting die elements:
3 x Two Branches
1 x Pierced Scalloped Circles (biggest one)
1 x Stiched Nested Circles (biggest one)

7. Attach the 2 x Ornate Border Small, on both sides on the bottom of the pocket.

8. Put together 1 x Pierced Scalloped Circles and 1 x Stiched Nested Circles 
and with scissors cut as in the picture, making two not equal parts.

9. Put some gauze for decoration and with distance foam affix the circles.

10. Using Two Branches, flowers and white twine decorate a pocket.

11. Put together 2x Happy Birthday sentiment 
to make a 3D effect and with distance foam attach to the pocket diagonally. 

12. Prepare a white stock card with dimensions smaller width than your pocket but longer.
I have made 12x15 cm. 
With small Pierced Scalloped Circles cut a circle from design paper to make a card holder on the top of the card, as in the picture.

13. Put card inside to you pocket. And ready! 
Here it is! A Card in the Pocket!
Very easy and effective.

Here are some close-up photos:

Thank you for your attention. 
Hope you like it and you are going to make your own 
Card in the Pocket.
It's fun! Believe me :)
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