Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pop up Panel card

Hello !

Céline here with Tutorial Thursday.
 For the Christmas new release I made a pop up panel card and many of you asked me how to do it.

Each measurement is in cm
For the pop up system you need a cardstock cut at 29.8 x 22.5
2 pieces of patterned papers at 14.5 x 10.2
for the panel you need cardstock cut at 30 x 8.2
and 4 pieces of paterned papers cut at 7.1 x 7.8
and for the card base you need cardstock cut at 30 x 10.5 and score in half

To start, here are the measures for the pop up system (29.8 x 22.5 cardstock)

Here is the result

Take the 2 pieces of paterned papers 14.5 x 10.2
and cut the corners like shown in the picture below
and adhere them to the pop up system

Take the  30 x 8.2 cardstock and 
score at 7.5, 15 and 22.5

 and adhere the 4 pieces of patterned papers cut at 7.1 x 7.8 to the panel.
Adhere letters you want to have as message

Decorate as you want

Now it's time to adhere the panel on the pop up system

Place the panel at the bottom of the pop up system (panels are centered)
you have to see "2" "u" at the top
and made a mark on the cardstock

repeat by placing the panel at the top of the pop up system
 you have now marks to see how/where to add glue

Adhere the inside card to the base card

And to finish, decorate the front of the card

I've used : 

 Here is a little video I've made to show the  opening of the card, sorry for the quality, it's made with my phone.

That's all for me today, hope you like my tutorial.
If you have any question i would be happy to help.


  1. I only just made one of these...great shape Celine.x

  2. Prachtig, bedankt voor het patroon, ga ik ook eens proberen !!

  3. Beautiful shape and design. Explore various card stocks and buy for your events at

  4. Es uno de las mejores formas de hacer este pop Up que he visto, no se atasca cuando lo cierra. Genial me ha encantado hacerlo. Una duda que me queda es que si quiero hacerlo más grande cómo hago la proporción. Gracias por todo