Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tutorial Thursday - Handmade Felt Flowers

Hello !

Céline here with Tutorial Thursday. Today I will show you how to do gorgeous handmade felt flowers.
They are really quick and easy to make.

For these flowers I use felt, of course, and these dies

For the biggest I've used #2 and # 3
For the smallest I've used # 3 and # 4
So for the biggest you need 4 x # 3 and 1 x # 2
and for the smallest you need 3 x #4 and 1 x # 2

* tip : to cut felt in my cutting machine i always use metallic plate

Step one
Bend petals of smallest die cuts inward and put a point of glue with your glue gun

Step two 
Glue the first smallest die cut on the biggest one (not in the center, but slightly to one side)

Step three
Do it again with the second smallest die cuts (glue it close to the first one)

Step 4
And do it again with the third smallest die cuts (glue it close to the second one)

Step 5
And glue the last smallest die cut on the place which stays

Arrange your "pompom" and Voilà

Now I will show pics of the little flower (blue one) , the construction is the same but there is one less die cut because the flower is smaller.

And of course I've made a card using these gorgeous  felt flowers.
I've used Nautical Molli.
Dies used :

That's all from me today, hope you like my first tutorial.
If you have any question i would be happy to help.