Thursday, March 3, 2016

Inspiration Thursday - Mini album

Hi ladies, Alina here today, it's Thursday, so time for a tutorial. 
I'm going to show you how I make my mini albums, and this is what I'm talking about:

My albums always have 5 pages, I just like an odd number, more than an even number. You will need four sheets of chipboard 1mm thick and these are the measurements: 12,5x14cm, 14x7,5cm, 13,5x11,5cm and 12,5x14cm (front and last ''page'' are the same). 
Find some nice papers, cut them using the same measurements, but you will need two of them for each piece of chipboard (to adhere them to the front and back of the sheets):

You will also need another sheet (you can use patterned paper or cardstock, it's up to you) with these measurements: 12x16,5cm, which you must score at 7,5cm and 15cm along the length. This is the fifth ''page'' of the album, which is a pocket for a tag where I write my message for the receiver:

This is what you get, the five ''pages'':

Use a corner punch to make the corners round, they look nicer:

Now you will have to make the holes for the rings which keep the ''pages'' together. Take the front ''page'', draw two small circles with a pencil, on the places you would like to have the rings through and punch two holes (the distance between the holes I made is 4cm). Then use this front page to draw circles on the other ''pages'', just like on the picture below (you need to have the same distance between the holes on each ''page''):

 After you punched all the holes and you used the rings, your album must look like this:

Now you can start to decorate it as you wish, using the beautiful La-La Land Crafts stamps and dies. The ''page'' in the middle is big enough for a La-La Land image.
This is one of the ''pages'' from an album I made a few weeks ago for my brother's daughter.
"Marci with Rose (with sentiments)'' was my choice, she's too sweet for words:

That's all from me for today and I hope you like my tutorial.
Please come back tomorrow for the ''Friday Team'' blog post and you can see how I decorated the album.
Thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions I would be happy to help!



  1. Very sweet album, love the papers! Thanks for the tutorial!