Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tutorial Thursday..!!

Hi everyone...

It's Ashlee here today to host tutorial Thursday...

I have a card base to share with you, 
it's different and so much fun, 
you may have seen me use this on 
a couple of my recent La-La Land projects...

Step 1 - measure and cut a piece of cardstock 12.5cm x 25cm, 
scor at 5cm, 12.5cm and 20cm

Step 2 - Cut another piece of yardstick 12.5cm x 16cm, 
scor at 5cm

Step 3 - draw a line down at the 15cm mark so that we can create a notch
for the card to join with...

Step 4 - once you have measured and draw in the little notch, 
cut off the extra cardstock

Step 5 - you should then have two pieces that look like this..

Step 6 - cut a slice into your main cardbase the same size/position 
as the notch you created on the smaller card base piece

Step 7 - join the two card base pieces together by putting glue on the back of the first panel

Step 8 - Cut out your mat pieces for the card base in whatever designer papers you choose

Step 9 - once all designer paper is adhered it should look like this...

and here is the finished card base...

I hope I have explained this well enough lol!!

Here are a couple of finished designs I have previously made with this card base..


Have fun creating this awesome card base....

Hugz Ashlee

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