Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tutorial Thursday- Tutorial for envelope card

Welcome, this is Anna
Today I want to show you how to easily and quickly make an envelope card.

To make this, you will need card paper for card,
handmade paper or other suitable paper to make flowers, 
and white card paper for die-cut flowers, glitter powder,
pieces of lace and tulle, ribbon, a large flower (already made),
glue, double sided sticky foam (squares or tape), beads on a string, crystals.

Cut the paper to desired size , which you need to crease
in two places in order to later create an envelope shape.  
Glue lower parts of the card on both sides.  

Cut out 3 circles ( Stitched Nested Circles (set of 7) ) : two small ones and a larger one. 
Attach small ones with glue and the larger one using double
sided sticky foam, in order for it to be placed higher than the small ones.  

Next, using Stitched Ribbon Die (Set of 3) , cut out two strips,
which you then glue to the card and onto the circles.

On top of that, glue a piece of cut out lace,
remembering that the lace doesn’t have to be cut evenly.
Attach ribbon to the card. In the front – under the paper.
In the back portion of the card – on top of the paper.

At the place where you attached the ribbon, 
at the back part of the card (so that the card will look clean and neat) 
attach an earlier cut out cross shape and trim it as needed
- Cross Set 1 Die (Set of 2)

Now we can make the flower composition.
Attach the large flower in the middle and on each side add two smaller flowers
in such a way that the composition is oriented somewhat diagonally. 
I made four flowers myself, using Cherry Blossom Flowers Die. 
I 've sprinkled the glitter powder over the flowers.
If you also would like to make your own,
I suggest that you check out my earlier tutorialwhere I show you how to make little roses.

Attach leaves and then flowers cut out with the die.
Autumn Leaves Die (Set of 3), Berry Flourish

Decorate the bouquet with tulle and beads/pearls on a string.
Glue crystal accents on top of the card. 
Cut out two borders  Small Lacy Border Die and glue under the top part of the card.
Cut the ribbon to appropriate size and tie a bow.

The card is now ready. I hope that you like it
and that you will feel inspired to make your own 
and share your results with us to Facebookpage. Greetings to everyone and have fun.


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