Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tutorial Thursday- Mini Bow

Hello, it is Sue here to share my little bow tutorial with you.
It is a super cute bow and is very easy to make.
You can see the bow in action on the gift box handle below!

What you will need to get started:

Speech Bubble and Flag tail from the Stitched Elements Set (Set of 7)

Double sided tape
Micro Glue dots
Quilling tool
Rounding tool, a pen will work as well
Patterned Paper and cardstock

From your chosen Patterned Paper cut
2 x Speech Bubbles
2 x Flag Tails
1 small stitched ribbon

From Cardstock cut 1 small stitched ribbon

Time to cut up the die cuts, cut the 'bit' off the speech bubbles to make them into little ovals and the Flag tails in half

Wrap the little ovals, wrap them around a pencil or rounding tool to break the fibres in the papers

fold each oval over,  securing with some glue or double sided tape
Lay the two folded oval small end to small end, attach a small piece of the stitched ribbon cut from cardstock.  This will strengthen the over all bow.

Take the small stitched ribbon cut from the patterned papers, run through your fingers to curl it to break the fibres in the paper.

Attach a micro glue dot to the back of the bow as an anchor for the stitched ribbon.
Wrap it around the bow, secure with a second micro glue dot, snip off the excess.

Turn over your bow and it should resemble this!
You are nearly finished.......... hang in there.

Take the 2 trimmed flag tails, place straight end to straight end.

Run some double sided tape across the join, now add your bow

The Finished product!!

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Hope you have fun with this bow, remember we would love to see ANY creations made  using any of the Thursday Tutorials on our Facebook Page.

Thanks for joining me for this Tutorial Thursday, have fun


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