Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tutorial Thursday - Christmas Tree Ornament

Hi it's Margot here :)

This tutorial shows how to make the Christmas tree ornament in the picture above. Very easy and effective :)
 Let’s get started .  .  .
What we need ....
-a hand sewing needle
- pearls
- fancy ribbon
- ribbon ( hanger )
- pencil
- sequins
- scissors

1.Cut out  2x Christmas tree using Build a Christmas Tree Die
2. Put your Christmas tree on the piece of felt and draw around your templates

 3.Cut the shape out slightly smaller than the pattern

4.Decorate the tree however you'd like!Buttons, sequins or beads would be a cute addition! I have used ribbon, sequins and red pearls

5. Match up the pieces of felt as closely as you can and stitch along the edge of the ornament.
6.Sew the hanger ( ribbon ) in when you come to the top center of the ornament as you’re stitching around
7. Add a star on the top - I have used star die from this set

Hope you like my Christmas tree ornament and if anyone makes it please be sure to come back and share with us - we have a Facebook Page HERE and a Facebook Group HERE.
Have fun playing!!!

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  1. great idea!! love the gingerbread look with the brown and white!