Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tutorial Thursday - flowers by Margot

Hi it's Margot here :)
This tutorial shows how to make the flowers in the picture above . It’s long, but easy peasy, I promise!
 Let’s get started .  .  .

What we need ....

I have used Lotus Die - leaf die . To make a flower I have cut 6 petals ( leaves ) , in raspberry and  pale blue.

I sprayed the petals ( leaves ) with water.

Then I have embossed each petal at the back with embossing tool (small ball) on an embossing mat.

I turned the petal over and pressed down  with the embossing tool using a lot of pressure.

Ready embossed petals. It looks like this when finished.

Then I glued petals together.

When dry, pierce a hole in the center of the flower with with a paper piercer. and insert a cluster of stamens.

Then I  applied some gesso and glitter and it's ready.

 You can use anything to decorate flowers ( pearls, rhinestones, stamens ).

And my card

Products used :

Hope you like my flowers and if anyone makes them please be sure to come back and share with us - we have a Facebook Page HERE and a Facebook Group HERE.
Have fun playing!!!


  1. so pretty! keep sharing!
    FOLLOWING you now, visit my page & enjoy crafting :)
    Have a good day!

  2. Very pretty flower and super clear instructions. Now I just need the die.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  3. Beautiful thxxxxxx for sharing.
    Mvg gina Belgium