Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tutorial Thursday A Box Card

Hi everyone Its Jennifer here I am doing a
 Box Card Tutorial
to fit all your  favorite 
Marci and Luka's

Cut your base 15.5cm x 29cm
Then on the long side score at 7cm, 14cm, 21cm and 28cm
Then score on the short side at 9cm
On the long side from the 9cm score line  you need to cut up on the 7cm, 14cm, 21cm and 28cm line
Just cut the 1cm tab at the 28cm line above the 9cm score line out. As Above.

So it looks like this.
You then need to cut two 9cm x 5cm
and score 1cm at each end 

Then pop tape on the 1cm tabs one on the front and back on each.

Then on your main part of your box template place tape on the 1cm Tab and fold
to make a box. Then stick in the two small pieces of template as in picture above.

These are the layers for the top of the box.
Purple 6.5cm x 6cm  4 of them
Yellow Designer 6cm x 5.5cm 4 of them
Then Layer the Yellow Designer Paper on the purple.

Then add the layers around the top of the box.
These are the layers for the bottom of the box.
Purple 8.5cm x 6.5cm 3 of
Purple Designer Paper 8cm x 6cm 3 of
Then Layer the Purple Designer Paper on the Purple

Then layer it on the three bottom sides of the box.
 We are making one tall side layered the same as the rest
Purple 15cm x 6.5cm 1 of
Purple Designer Paper 14.5cm x 6cm 1 of
Layer Designer Paper on purple then on the Box
You can also place a sentiment or write a message on your card on this panel
by layering a plainer piece of cardstock.
Now the fun part to decorate
there are no limits!


 Close up your Designs are endless
Also the best thing about this Awesome Card is it 
folds flat to fit in an Envelope for posting.

In its Envelope!


  1. Thank you so much Jennifer for fabulous instructions & photos showing us how to make this fab "card", I love it
    Marg ; )

    1. Cann't Wait to see what you do with it Marg!