Thursday, April 3, 2014

Deboss Using Dies

Joy here bringing you my first Tutorial Thursday...

This week I will share with you how you can use your dies in other ways then just die cutting, you can definitely get the most out of you dies by using them in other ways like to deboss into your card stock to create a background feature..


Die Cutting Machine (I use a Cuttlebug), card stock, Die ( I used Wrought Iron Fence), Embossing Mat and a few extra pieces of scrap card stock..

In order to Deboss your card stock, set up your die cutting machine, for me it is A plate, B plate..

Place Embossing Mat onto the B plate, add your card stock on top, then your die that you will be using, you can tape your die down if you are worried that it will move around, just use some washi tape or some removable tape...

The Embossing Mat allows the die to make the impression into the card stock without actually die cutting all the way through.. not all machines will need this so you will need to play around to get the right plates and levels of extra card stock for the impression..

Place you other pieces of scrap card stock on top, I found I needed to add at least another two pieces, add your other B plate on this and run through your die cutting machine..

Once completed you have a debossed effect onto your background ready to add your coloured La La Land Crafts image..

Here is an example that our lovely Sue created a couple of weeks ago using the same process..

Hope you enjoyed seeing how you can get the most out of using your Dies in different ways other then die cutting, hope you will give this a go :)

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  1. This is very cool! thanks for sharing!

  2. What a fabulous idea, I definitely need to try this, I'm such a die addict it will be great to get even more use from them :) xx

  3. Awesome....Very cute card! Thanks for sharing. I'm just getting into dies, so I need all the tips I can get.

  4. fabulous tutorial. So much fun to get more out your dies

  5. What a fantastic idea... Think it should be easy enough to try on my GC too :-D

  6. This is really good. Thanks for sharing

  7. What a neat tip this is, I have hundreds of dies and this is going to be a fun experiment. Thank you.
    Suzi x