Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tutorial Thursday- Folding Banner Bow!

~ Folding Banner Bows ~ 

Hello, it is Sue here with today's Tutorial Thursday, sharing the 'how to' for the Bow made from the folding banner die

Firstly, get your supplies together:
La La Land Folding Banner Die- small
Double sided tape
Glue dots
Paper- 'Pebbles basics' Rouge dot

Step 2: 
 Cut 2 small banners and a thin strip to go around the centre of the bow.

Step 3:
Snip the each of the banner ends off, cut between the 2 score lines on each

Step 4:
Take the 2 centre pieces and curve around your finger to break the fibres in the paper.

Step 5:
using a small piece of double sided tape, adhere the ends of each piece together.

Step 6:
Attach both pieces from step 5 together with double sided tape

Step 7:
Cover the centre join by wrapping the extra strip around the centre of the bow

Step 8:
Attach 2 tails with a glue dot, use the same to attach the bow to your project.

Easy peasy- right!!!

 I hope you have enjoyed today's tutorial, and we look forward to seeing your creations
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Happy Creating 


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