Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tutorial Thursday - Copic Holder

~ Copic Holder ~ 

Hello, it is Sue here with today's Tutorial Thursday, sharing my decorated Copic Marker Holder

Firstly, get your supplies together:
Choose your marker holder
Flat black spray paint
A good quality glue
markers of your choice -mine are R46 and R59
Mister Huey's color mists- silver
Crystal effects/ Modge Podge
Bling, I have used AnnaBelle's Icicle sprinkles and hearts
Bamboo skewers
Cardboard box

Place all the pieces into the cardboard box, lift them off the bottom of the box by sitting them on the bamboo skewers.
Coat with 2-3 thin coat of spray paint on both sides

When fully dry assemble the holder, making sure you use a good quality glue.  Allow to dry overnight.
If you are unsure, follow Irina's fabulous tutorial here for the sketch/ciao and here for the horizontal one.

once assembled, spray with some Mister Huey's silver colour mist- this will take a while to dry.

While waiting for the holder to dry, move onto colouring in the accent pieces.
The heavy weight paperboard they are made from takes very well to Copic markers, you can either use them straight from the marker or air brush the colour on.
The best part about using the Copic markers, is they dry instantly.
Coat the coloured accent pieces with Crystal effects or Modge Podge.

Attach to the Marker frame and finish off with some bling!
It is that easy!

 Fill with your markers and you are all done!

 I hope you have enjoyed today's tutorial, and we look forward to seeing your creations
You can share them with us at  La-La Land Crafts by adding your creations to our Facebook Page or Twitter 

Happy Creating 


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