Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tutorial Thursday - Painting Copic Marker Stands with Distress Inks

Hi!! It's Sandie here and today I want to share with you how I altered my Copic Marker Holders with Distress Inks. 

Supplies -
Distress Inks: Peacock Feathers & Mustard Seed
Fabri-Tac or other strong glue
Baby Wipes
Craft Mat
Latex Gloves (if you don't want inky fingers!!)

Taking the copic marker holder, decide which areas you want to cover with each colour. If you are doing more than one holder this would be a good time to sort them all so that you don't have to keep cleaning up when you switch colours - it's a bit messy! lol. 

Start by taking your chosen coloured ink and squirt it onto your craft mat. Pick up some of the ink onto a 'wad' of baby wipes and circle on the mat to distribute the ink on the wipes. Repeat this as often as needed. Once you have applied the ink to all of the pieces, leave them aside for a few minutes to dry off. 

Remember, when using baby wipes, please ensure they are not too wet. The marker holders are quite strong and durable but they are still a paper product and too much moisture will compromise the material. 

To make it easier to assemble the holder you can just follow along with the YouTube video at the bottom of the Copic Marker Holder product page 

Once you have it assembled it's time to add the embellishment pieces. These, I left in their bare state. Again, placement of the pieces is shown in the YouTube video. 

The holders can be placed upright or turned onto their sides and stacked, which is what I have done. I also assembled the Distress Marker Holder and it fit perfectly into the unfilled spaces of my copic holder. 

Thanks for dropping by! 


  1. I've been wanting those so badly for awhile now; they're gorgeous! Great tutorial!

  2. Great job Sandie!! and thanks for making me have to have them!! ;)

  3. Will this holder work for spectrum noir pens? I really like it but have
    the spectrum pens. Thank you

    1. Hi ET, this holder is sized to hold Copic Sketch and Ciao markers. We are working on releasing one for Spectrum Noir soon :-)