Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 7 - LaLa's Birthday Beach Bash and a NEW MARCI

Welcome to Day 7 of our week-long Birthday Beach Bash & Blog Hop!!

What a fun beach party... it wouldn't be the same without all of YOU!! Thanks so much for joining us and helping LaLa Land celebrate their first birthday!! Before we get to our BLOG HOP for today and our WINNER from the last game, I'm very excited to say that Irina has decided to share a new stamp with you in the "Marci line"...


She will be available for ONE WEEK ONLY in our shop as a digi! Here is the link!!

So did you all guess what La-La took to the beach? Why her sand bucket and beach ball of course!! *Ü* I know, I know... NOT a tough game, but we wanted it to be super simple for you so you could have that chance at winning!! Our random winner of prize package #2 is...

Jerusha!! Congratulations!!! Please email Irina your mailing address to claim your prize!!!


"Please tell us what stamp you'd like to see join the LaLa Family!" We do have some super cute new releases in the making as we "speak" but we also want to know from you guys what you'd like to see! So please hop along to these DT members and then come back and share your ideas with us! Remember to leave comments along the way for your chance to win free stamps!!


LaLa Land Crafts - come back here to leave your answer!

This is what we have as a prize for you for this last Blog Hop of our Birthday week celebration :-)

And before you go... there's just a couple more days to buy Birthday Marci as a digi in the store before she disappears for a while! *Ü*



  1. Love this last day hop, the cards were all great and so much fun!!! I would like to see the Mermaid Lisa added to the La La Land collection. She is by far my favorite.

  2. That was another fun hop. The DT did a great job again. Keep up the fabulous work. Ballerina Marci is too adorable. I would like to see Lala or Rosie wear baggy / hop hip clothing. They would look so cool. Or even have Lala or Rosie's boyfriend. It would be great to have some male iamges. Thanks again!

  3. Congratulations Jerusha!! WOOHOO! These hops are so fun. You girls are sure doing a fabulous job on these cards!! Oh, and am LOVING all of Irina's cards made with the new MARCI!! Sooo cute and can't wait to create with those! =) Happy Birthday Lala Land!!

  4. Great cards ladies!! I would really like to see some sporty images. Like La La or Rosie on a bike or maybe a skateboard. Oh how about driving a car???

  5. I love Lala and her friends, but I too would love to see a boy in the mix! Marci is looking adorable in her ballet outfit! :)

  6. Congratulations to the blog hop winner. This blog hop has been such fun. The new Ballerina Marci is so cute, can't wait to see the wonderful new cards that she will help create. I would love to see a "Cinderella Marci" or "Princess Marci" join the LaLa Family.

  7. That was fun! I've been resisting the Lala's,(sorry). I just don't need,or have room for more stamps. But digi, now that is a different story! Would love to have more digi options, such as outline image only available, (I don't currently have a color printer so it would just be a waste of ink). To answer the question, though, I would like to see a sporty Lala, soccer preferably.

  8. This has been so much fun. I have loved being inspired by all the blogs. I would like to see a boy image in the collection. I also love the little panda bear in the first Marci image. This would be a cute addition to the line. As a mom to two girls adopted from China the panda was a big hit with our family. Also please add more digis. They are so convenient. Thank you again!

  9. I have had so much fun this week on LLLC blog hops... and seen such beautiful work! I'm loving ballerina marci!!!

    I would love to see some boy images (although I love all the cute girls... all I have is boys around here, even the dog)! Maybe sports and some with guitars, etc.

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful time and the chance to win an amazing prize!!!

    okj83 at live dot com

  10. I am lovin Marci! I would like to see a cookin Marci!

  11. Hi, this is my first time visiting your blog hop and have seen so many wonderful things! You all are very talented and thank you for the inspiration!

  12. Oh, I forgot to say what I would like to see.... how about a farmer girl/guy?

  13. congrats on Jerusha....enjoyed the blog hop....great cards made by the DT....I think some matching boys should be cool!
    xxx Margreet

  14. I'd love to see some boys to go with the girls, especially Lala... and Marci!!!!

    Great hop ladies. You all ROCK!!!

  15. I have enjoyed the hop all week! It has been so much fun and very inspirational. What I think as far as a stamp is some boy stamps. I think a skateboard and some more sports would be great. I also would like to see a stamp of a boy and girl going to school. Thanks again for all the fun, it was a great week.

  16. What a super fun blog hop today! I'm thinking maybe a "hip-hop" type Lala or a cooking Lala with a chef's hat or something would be fun. Thanks for a super fun week!

  17. All of the above mentioned options are great, and I along with a lot of others, think some boy images would be a lovely addition. I would like to see some more of the critter images...I do love me a cute critter!!

  18. My favorite is the "cat in the fish-bowl" card...I'm a little parcial to kitties. Thanks for sharing all of the cards, they're wonderful

  19. What a great Final Hop. All the DT cards were fabulous! I think more country images would be a cute addition to the family.

  20. My idea for a new stamp is for Maya to have another friend, maybe a female. Thanks for the hop, it was a blast!

  21. Great cards!! I think it would be cool to see LaLa swinging or maybe have a boy stamp.


  22. Great blog hop! Was great to see some of the alumni participating. I would love to see more of Porsha and/or Lotus images!

  23. I am so glad to welcome Marci in the La-La Land family! As I wrote before seeing a boy stamp would be good too.
    And here are some ideas for the girls that alwaredy live in La-La Land:
    - Marci can visit her grandparents at the farm;
    - Or she can be a little fashion girl trying mom's clothes on;
    - Rosie can visit France (imagine her in beret and cute French style outfit);
    - Lala can be an artist:
    - sport girls always look good (tennis, soccer, fitness);
    - girls cooking;
    - how about Rosie in a pilot suit;
    - Lala talking on a phone maybe?
    And since winter is coming I think Marci will look good in cute winter clothes with a baby penguin maybe? (I imagine her in parka with hood on it (Like they wear in Alaska).
    Hope something will be helpful.
    Thank you again for the fun hop!