Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the Winner, a new sneak peek and another Blog Candy

This Blog Candy is now CLOSED, thank you so much to everyone who had left a comment!!

We got 110 entries into the first Blog Candy, not too bad for the new blog!! Thank you SO SO MUCH to everyone who had commented and for all your sweet words and wishes!! Your support means a lot to me!!

Without further ado, here is the winning number..



Christine, you are the WINNER!!

Chrissy's Creations said...
Congratulations on your stamp store! I blogged about it and here is the link. Hugs and good luck! Christine

The very first Lala stamp will travel to Texas!!! Christine, please email me your address.

Now is the time to show you another little Sneak Peek of my La La Land Crafts stamps. Meet Rosie, please give her a big warm WELCOME!! Isn't she darling? and she has a teddy bear!!

The artist behind Rosie stamps is Biliana Savova all the way from Bulgaria, you can see more of Biliana's artwork here.

You have a chance to be one of the first to own this stamp, it is included in the Blog Candy. Other items in this Blog Candy are:

- Stampin' Up River Rock cardstock (package of 24 sheets)
- Stampin ' Up Polka Dot background stamp
- two packages of A Muse notecards
- Doodlebug Designs Clear Stamp Set
- two Copic Markers, Y38 and B41

and from the new Lazy Summer Days collection by Magnolia you will get two stamps:

- Surf Edwin and
- Beach Fence

Here is how to enter.. Mention my new Company AND my Blog Candy on your blog, then leave a comment under this post. If you do not have a blog, just spread out the word about my new Company AND my Blog Candy (or just simply promise me that you will ;-) ) and then leave a comment.

Everyone is welcome to participate, I will ship internationally.. One comment per person please :-)

I will draw the winning number on Wednesday, July 29th, at around 10 pm PST. On the same day I will have a sneak peek of the image from yet another artist, and there also be yet another Blog Candy.

Also wanted to remind you that the opening date has been set and you can now purchase your tickets for the event at Cranberry Hill Mercantile in Sunnyvale, CA. For more details please see the post below or click here.



  1. Wow Irina! Fantastic candy!Thanks for the chance to win...
    Linked it on my sidebar. Thanks!!!!

    And congratulation on Christine!!!

  2. Fantastic candy Irina and Roseie is so sweet and I would love to own her, linked in my side bar.
    Congratulations again on your new adventure.
    Hugs Linda

  3. Congrats, Christine! :)
    Irina, thank you for your new candy!
    Link  to your candy in my blog

  4. Congratulations. Great candy and I love the teddy bear can't wait to see the rest. I don't have a blog but can spread the word. Good luck. How exciting for you.
    Lisa W

  5. Congratulations. Great candy!!
    I linked your candy on my blog (sidebar) with a picture, mentioning store and I become your follower . Thanks for the chance to win this candy!
    Hugs, Andreja

  6. Congrats Christine!

    And wow, I can't believe you're doing another candy already:) I've already got a link on my blog for you

  7. Wow! Gorgeous candy and little Rosie looks like a rel cutie!
    (I've linked you on my sidebar again)

  8. Congrats on your new adventure. I will spread the word around my area. I would love to be the first to own a stamp from La La
    Good Luck
    Phyllis Z from New York

  9. Another darling stamp...

    Looking forward to your opening next month!

  10. Congratulations. Great candy!!
    Thanks for the chance to win...
    Link to your candy in my blog


  11. I'm so excited for you! Love that surfer Edwin in the blog candy. I'm spreading the word...
    crzEstamper (Rose from Gilroy)

  12. what a lovely way to share your success,i have to say i'm jealous of crafters that can make it their business too ...congrats!!

  13. Congrats to the winner.
    Rosie is just adorable with her teddy bear. Here is the link that I spread the word to..
    Thanks for a chance.

  14. Congrats again on the new company. I've got your candy linked on my blog:)

  15. Hi Irina
    Another blog candy. You're very generous. I don't have a blog so I promise I'll spread out the word about your new Company AND your Blog Candy. Thanks for giving us a chance to win!
    Have a nice day.

  16. Congrats on making another dream come true. Can hardly wait to see new stamp collection. Emails are going out shortly to spread the word about your new blog and the great work you do !
    Thanks, Cami

  17. Wow. Another blog candy, another chance to win.
    I link it on my side bar here

  18. Hi Irina! Buteful candy!Thanks for the chance to win.Linked it on my sidebar.

  19. She's a proper little cutie and if this is just a taste of whats to come I CAN'T WAIT! Will spread the word. Hugs

  20. Thanks for the chance for some more blog candy. Can't wait to see the new products. Marianne x

  21. So excited about the new stamps! I'm from the bay and haven't been to Cranberry Hill yet, but I will soon! I will spread the word!

  22. Thank you Iriana for the chance to win this fav candy, I put a link + pic in my sidebar blog

  23. Great candy - great artists. Good luck with the new company! I'll spread the word!!

  24. Oh I am loving the sneak peeks - they look adorable. Your store logo and candy are on my sidebar.

  25. The little cutie is awesome and I can't wait to see the whole stamp. I will spread the word about your new blog.

  26. The new peak is awesome! What wonderful goodies! Here is the link to my blog announcing your new company.

  27. I am loving the sneeks. fabulous candy and thanks for a chance! I have linked it in my sidebar and will post a little more about your company as well!

  28. I love your sneak peeks! I'm anxious to see the rest! Thanks for a chance to win some terrific blog candy!
    I posted yesterday but my note is not on here so I am trying again! No blog, but I will spread the word with my stamping buddies!

  29. The previews look so tempting can see me having to part with some of my hard earned pennies when the shop opens for trading.

    Wishing you all the best for your new venture.

    Here is the announcement on my palace noticeboard.

  30. Ooohhh another chance to win fab candy . . . yum. Great selection of goodies and loving all the sneak peeks!

    My announcement is in my side bar!


  31. Such great ideas!! I love to check-out your blogs. How sweet of you to share and give gifts.

    Lots of luck with the new business.
    I cannot wait to see the products.

  32. gey girls, your are so generous ;)
    I will link you up right after this comment!!! can't wait for the next sneak...

  33. Wow, you are so generous with the blog candy! I put a plug for you on my blog:
    I hope that you get lots of business. Thanks for the chance to win some more great candy.

  34. Oh how cool! Another great candy!
    You can still find the link to your blog/store on my sidebar.

    Wonderful stamp previews!

  35. Fabulous candy Irina! Thanks for another chance to win! :)

  36. Oooh new store?!! I LOVE new stores. Can't wait. You are linked and followed. AWESOME!

  37. Rosie looks like shes a cutie I would love to win her, thanks for the chance to win

  38. Hello not sure if I am doing this right- might have left comment in the wrong place-
    I don't have a blog well I do but have no idea how to add or even use it - lol- But I sure will pass you blog on to all my friends
    your cards are so cute - I pray some day I will be able to sit up straight and work on some of these images I have with my copic markers- trying to learn how to use them - not doing so good- but you have done such a wonderful job on your cards
    Goood luck on your opening and new adventure- God Bless

  39. I've always loved your cards so I'm excited to see your new line of stamps. Congrats!

    I've put a link in my sidebar as well as mentioning your new company in this post:

  40. Congratulations on your new venture. I sure wish I could attend your gala event. I do not have a blog to link to, but will certainly spread the word. Best of Luck!! Linda S. in NE

  41. Count me in, I've listed this in my sidebar Here . Too bad I don't live near the store!

  42. Irina, I will share the word about your blog candy with my card making group. Super blog candy..thanks for the chance

    cheers Annie

  43. Great blog candy that you're giving away. Yum

  44. I love your blog and I can't wait for your store to open. I put your info on my blog at Good luck in your new venture!

  45. Wow! What a cute stamp Rosie is! I can't wait to see the rest! I have been spreading the word about you! Thanks for the chance to win that fabulous blog candy!

  46. Je trouve votre site merveilleux et remplie de belles idées. Merci de partager et je le recommande à toutes mes amies.

  47. Wonderful candy! Thanks for a chance to win. I'm sorry I don't have a blog to help spread the word about your new company, but will verbally share the news with my friends.

  48. Congratulations Irina for your own stamp company and good luck! that is awesome!!
    and fabulous candy you are giving away!
    I posted a link on my side bar to spread the word!!! I'd love to win it!
    Thanks for the chance!!

  49. Congrats on your new venture and thanks so much for sharing it with us! Will definitely post a link on my blog to help spread the news!

  50. Congratulations on the new stamp store!! I wish you much success!! I have put a link in my blog's sidebar.

  51. Congrats on your success!!! You have fulfilled your dreams and I hope you continue following your heart and dreams. Thanks for the chance to win your fabulous candy. Good luck!

    Jenny V.

  52. Great candy! Here's my link . I've mentioned your new company in my sidebar. Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

  53. Wonderful goodies, good luck to all that enter!!

    I will be adding your candy to my todays blog entry!!


  54. Got you linked on my blog - great candy, your stamps look great!

  55. Congratulations on living your dream and thank you for being such a great inspiration to the rest of us!

    I mentioned both your new stamp store and your blog candy on my blog -

    Thank you for everything you do.


  56. Oh! She has a bear! She has a bear! I love her already :)

    Congrats to the winner of the first candy! Thank you for another chance!!!

    I have put a note about your new store AND the candy on my blog in the side menu :)

  57. hallo irina

    what a lovely candy..
    thanks for the chance to win it..

    i linked it on my sidebar


  58. Another cutie pie stamps! Wow..adorable!

    I don't have a blog but I do have a crafty contact list ! I will email them all !

    Thanks for the chance to win some yummy and most generous goodies!

  59. Congratulations on your new store and new blog-I wish you every success! I have linked your candy mentioning both your store and blog, and am now a follower. Thanks for the chance to win this yummy yummy candy! Hugs Rowena

  60. This is lovely blog candy Irina, but the best bit must be the new stamps!! i have linked you to my sidebar hunny, have a lovely day hugs Linda x

  61. Rosie is adorable! I have you linked...thanks for the chance!


  62. Oooh love the look of Biliana's work. Have put about LaLa on my blog and linked to the candy.


  63. Congrats to your new stor and new adventure. Good Luck and thanks for giving me a chance to win your awesome blog candy!!

  64. The previews look great! Can't wait to see more!

    I blogged about the store at:

    Hope I win! And congrats on this new adventure!

  65. Congratulations on your new store thanks for giving me a chance to win your awesome blog candy.i have linked you to my sidebar

  66. The peek of Rosie promisses something very cute.
    And this is a fab candy.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    I did put a links with your candy and blog in my sidebar.
    Please come and visit my blog too and if you will become a follower.

  67. What sweet Peak at Rosie
    thanks for the chance at this
    have posted link in my side bar for you/& store

  68. Fabulous candy! I added a link in my side bar, congratulations on your new company :)
    here's my link:

  69. Fab candy. Best wishes for your new venture. From what I can see from the little peeks, there are going to be some lovely stamps.
    I've added a link to my sidebar.
    Julie x

  70. Thanks for the chance to win this great candy.
    Congratulations on your new stamps - hope they will do well.

  71. Thanks for the gorgeous candy!

  72. Congrats on your new adventure, Irina! Fantastic candy!Thanks for the chance to win. Linked it on my sidebar.

  73. Hi there

    Good luck with your new business.
    Thanks also for another candy to try for.

    Link on my blog already.

    Best of luck

    Ali x

  74. I've changed out the picture and my link to reflect the new image and the new blog candy! I am so excited about your new stamps ~ the artist is wonderful. After following the link to her I had to get my self a little birthday present! Thank you! Have a happy day.


  75. Wow, Irina--anoter blog candy so soon. You are so generous. Thanks. Posted a link to your blog with info about new store.

  76. I added a link in my side bar, congrats on your new co. :)

  77. Congratulations - Maybe this time I can be a winner, too! Looking forward to your next step -
    Carol N

  78. Now I add this candy in my blog!!! Kisses, SABRI