Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tutorial Thursday - Sweet Cupcake

Hello, Henryka here today with sweet tutorial!
Do you like cupcakes? Yes, you do! Who doesn't like them? Everybody does!
This one is not baked one but made from paper, but looks the same sweet as a real one.

What will you need to make it:
- circle approx. 16-16,5 cm from 250 - 300 gsm paper,
- 2 x 30x6 cm paper pieces cut from design paper,
2 x 30x3 cm paper pieces cut from design paper,
- 1 x middle size circle cut with Stitched Nested Circles Set Dies,
- 1 x 3" scalloped circle cut with Pierced Scalloped Circles Die,
- leaves cut with Two Leaves Die,
- sentiment cut with Happy Stitched Die,
- flowers,
- ribbons and other embellishments. 
OK, let's bake some cupcake!

Cut your circle first and in the middle draw second circle smaller size. 
I have used my middle size circle from Stitched Nested Circles to do it.
Make 16 evenly spaced cuts from the outside edge to the smaller inside circle like on the picture.
Score your 30x6 cm and 30x3 cm pieces at 1/4".

Attach the 30x6 cm scored pieces to your cupcake base with hot glue and cut off unused part.
Attach the 30x3 cm scored pieces on the top of your 30x6 cm scored pieces like on the picture.
Cut a scalloped circle to cover the base.
From some unused, printing paper make a ball to fit inside of your cupcake. Glue it with hot glue.

Your base for a cupcake is ready. Now you can decorate it how you want.
I have used some flowers, ribbons, leaves cut with Two Leaves Die.

And here is a final look.
What do you think? Is it tasty?

Hope you like it!
Have a wonderful day!